Warner Bros. Registering New Batman Domains on the Sly

Warner Bros. began registering domain names for cryptic Batman material today, some of which relate to the "Imposters" title rumored in February. But if recent developer trends in launching games with DLC are any hint, could any of these be expansion DLC for the upcoming Arkham City release?

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kookie2806d ago

Its the new game for Xbox live arcade and psn.

badz1492805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Batman milking? I hope not

Quagmire2805d ago

Yes because after 1 great batman game, its considered Milking.

Gamer intelligence has seriously dropped this gen.

badz1492805d ago

and now they are already kinda like announcing the next iteration. I just hope that they are not gonna milk Batman, that's it!...and that shows my level of intelligence? WOW...just WOW!

2805d ago