Watch us get hated on in the SOCOM beta

Playr writes - Yep, today we kick off a brand new POWERPLAYR series dedicated to Sony's forthcoming tactical shooter Socom: Special Forces. And for episode 1 of this 5 part series we thought we'd try some multiplayer using the new Sharp Shooter light-gun accessory. Big Mistake!

Yep, the Socom beta has been running a coupla weeks now so things are pretty competitive. So, imagine what happened when we turned up using the Sharp Shooter - which should be pronounced shit shooter! Yep, things got just a little heated.

See how we got on in the video below.

Socom: Special Forces (aka Socom 4) launches on PS3 April 19th and 20th in North America and Europe respectively.

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X_GAMER_X2780d ago

I thought this would be like Metal gear solid online but it's not. Looks boring as hell.

Pixel_Pusher2779d ago

looks? so then you haven't played the beta yet? oh ok.

red2tango2779d ago

Actually this game is really fun. It's not fun for people who suck. Call of Duty made people feel like they're amazing. lol reality settling in.

Trroy2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I thought I heard in an earlier video, that the L2 button was a special turn mode for the gun?

You'd think a media guy would, you know... read the instructions. He may as well play with one finger up his nose, and do his "review" based on that.

Jezuz2779d ago

lol. He should've read the controls

Emilio_Estevez2779d ago

He needs some adjustments to his sensitivity, it was way too high. He was turning like a mad man. If he changes that and gets some practive I think he would do a lot better.

ArchangelMike2779d ago

The dude is a major duche! For starters you have to tweek the sharpshooter settign to your liking. Zipper have given you 3 pre-sets, as well as custom settings for every aspect of pitch, turning, scoped aiming. If you can't figure out the settings, then you have no business in game journalism.


Heartnet2779d ago

Hardly a douche.. the title of the article is 'Watch Us get hated on SOCOM beta' not in depth walkthrough of the controls and settings for the ps move sharpshooter...

kerrak2779d ago

yes, sure, not in depth walkthrough. This is why they say:
"the Sharp Shooter - which should be pronounced shit shooter!"

HeavenlySnipes2779d ago

Those guys are assholes
i never got kicked when I first tried the game with the move.

BurninDragon082779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

He's getting voted because he left his ps eye on and his speech was annoying his team. It's what he gets.

Title should be "Watch us get what we deserve."

HeavenlySnipes2779d ago

is on also. (you have to have it on to use the Move in the first place)

Although I wasn't talking to myself, getting kicked for trying to figure out how to play the game is dumb.

Thepro3182779d ago

Well how is he annoying with UK accent when france guys trying act tough

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