OXM: 10 reasons Mass Effect 3 will be the best in the trilogy

"The OXM Verdict on all the Mass Effect 3 news currently in circulation. The short version is that we think the new game will be the best Mass Effect yet, and we're so stoked, pumped and/or hyped we're physically bouncing up and down in our chairs, slapping at our keyboards like excited apes. As for the long version..."

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TomInc2805d ago

As a fan of the series I'd like to think it'd be the best - Maintain that whole improving with each release thing!

EYEamNUMBER12805d ago

i bought ME2 4 months ago never even unwrapped it i kept thinking meh looks like an average scifi game no big deal

played it 5 days ago and i liked it allot played 12 hours straight the st day

i actually liked how they handled things in ME2 i hope the 3rd isn't a drastic change after starting off with 2 looking at 1 seems kinda meh

TomInc2805d ago

That's progress though isnt it? Building onto what was last made so you look back and don't find yourself thinking "God... the originals were so much better"

Equally I'd love it if the game was on par with the second =) So long as it isnt worse I'm sure everyones happy! Too much "The last one was better" with games atm...

mikeslemonade2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

One was the best because when it came out it it executed everything better than what Oblivion did. The frames did chug but the graphics were right under Gears 2 and Bioshock at the time. Keeping in mind that the game was more open-world than Gears 2 and Bioshock. It was an impressive feat. Mass Effect 2 just built up from the foundation of Mass Effect 1 with changes. I don't see Mass Effect 3 topping 1 or 2 because of system limitations. It's not going to awe us like how the 1st one did.

afterMoth2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I found ME2 to be kind of bland in the demo. Does it get better than demo? The gunplay in the demo is rather clunky, is it the same in the full game?

Other demos haven't always been the best examples of the final games.

hennessey862805d ago

i judged dead space by the demo and sisnt buy it till about a year an a half after release and I loved the finall game. Mass effect 2 is an awsome game and one of my faviroutes this gen and I thought the demo was good but the finall game is alot smoother

afterMoth2805d ago

Thank you. I might rent it then to get a feel for it.

rabidpancakeburglar2805d ago

t'll be the best because it's the type of series which improves upon the mistakes of the previous game (although not all mistakes)

dirigiblebill2805d ago

Sounds like it's going to be even more "actiony" than ME2 -per the trend with BioWare games generally...

Christopher2805d ago

Looks like it'll be on par with ME2 for action, but they also seem to be adding back in the RPG elements as well (weapon customization, more in depth skill system, supposed improved exploration, etc.).

Raven_Nomad2805d ago

Mass Effect is my favorite series, Mass Effect 2 was my favorite game of 2010 with Alan Wake and Metro 2033 right behind it, but I feel EA is messing with what made and makes Bioware so great.

Dragon Age 2 while good, was obviously rushed, there was almost a three year gap from Mass Effect 1 until Mass Effect 2, now we get a sequel in under a year and a half?

While I am excited at finishing the series and importing my Commander from the first two games, I just hope it isn't done sloppy, I'd rather wait for it to be complete.

Neckbear2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Actually, Mass Effect 3 was supposedly in development before ME2 was even released.

...That's what I read somewhere, anyways.

etowntwo2805d ago

I can't believe I haven't played Metro yet.

So many great games this gen. And I only own an Xbox.
Mass Effect is my favorite franchise to date. My most anticipated game this year.

Raven_Nomad2805d ago

Yea< i know Microsoft doesn't have the best Exclusive lineup, but so few people bought great games like Alan Wake and Metro 2033 and others that they can always go back and get them now.

etowntwo2805d ago

True.. I played Alan Wake and the DLC's... Good story but the game wasn't that great imo.

gman_2972805d ago

Please, for the love of all that is holy, can someone explain to me what was so great about Mass Effect 1 AND 2?

The first was better, but only because the RPG played more into it. The second one, for me (and evidently only me) played too much like an action game. A SHITTY action game. Seriously, I don't even like Gears of War and I think that game is better. I really wish Bioware could just go back to the days of tactical RPG's or KOTOR style games and stay there. Stay away from almost all gunplay entirely (with the exception of blaster pistols :D)

news4geeks2805d ago

I thought it had a great story and the fire-fights were exciting what with all the biotic powers. The shooting mechanics were great despite the lack of 'punch' some complained about. Much better the Gears of War in almost every respect.

The first one had mediocre shooting mechanics but it made up for it in it's awesome RPG elements. Hopefully the 3rd will be a combination of the two. That would truly be a magnificent game.

Redgehammer2805d ago

Wow, Gman. Your response is just further evidence that there are people in this world with completely diametrically opposed thoughts from me. I am not saying your opinion is any more correct, or in error than mine. It is just completely opposite. Mayby Bioware should make games that fit into your fun spectrum, but they should certainly not chnage ME, IMO, it is the greatest space opera ever put to video games, and I daresay film, as well.

gman_2972805d ago

I'm not saying they should change Mass Effect, I'm saying they should return to the time where they made "good" games. It's not that it doesn't fit into my "fun spectrum", it's that it simply feels like a bargain bin game for full price.

ME2: Camera is INTENSELY close to your body (even closer than in Gears), the reticule moves slowly, and weapons feel boring to shoot.

Uncharted 2: Camera goes between a behind the character to behind-the-shoulder when zoomed in, rather than having this camera view the entire time. Reticule moves at the perfect speed and using a weapon to it's full potential is satisfying.

While ME2 and UC2 are two different games with different playstyles, one of the biggest parts of Mass Effect 2 is lazily done. All I ask from Bioware is to simply make gunplay FUN. I liked the biotic powers and such, but having the deal with the piss-poor gunplay system was unbearable.

While there are others out there that will agree with me (like all of m friends, as strangely, none of them liked the game. Coincidence, I guess), we're definitely in the majority, but I will never figure out why. Same with God of War. Going through 3 games of hiting X, Square, Triangle, repeat isn't fun, it's just annoying (given, it is a nice spectacle).

Still, gamers are gamers and all of them are entitled to their own opinions.

But I would disagree for the film thing. I've yet to see any action game that's better than First Blood, any sci-fi game better than TRON, or comedy-horror game better than Army of Darkness.

etowntwo2805d ago

Agreed with Regdehammer ..

"It is the greatest space opera ever put to video games, and I daresay film, as well."

well said.

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