Standalone Mass Effect Games Would Be Awesome, Here’s Why

Geek Revolt writes "You could play Mass Effect 2 without playing the first, I’m sure when the third one comes out—the same could be said. It’ll stand on it’s own, prior knowledge to the Mass Effect universe won’t be necessary. But that doesn’t mean these are “standalone” games. They’re apart of a trilogy and if you want the full experience, you should play all of them. Well, I think this trilogy approach is holding Bioware back. One-off games set in the Mass Effect universe might be better, here’s why."

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rabidpancakeburglar2808d ago

Nah, I think they'd be better together

DeeZee2808d ago

I think they're good together too, but they'd have more freedom (story) if they did a few one off games. They could still do trilogies too.

Saryk2808d ago

If it is a good story and a good game, it doesn't matter. However if a company wants to make that killer game, they will follow in Boiware's footsteps. There is so much that is tied together in the Mass Effect games and once the 3rd one is done. I will play Mass Effect all the way through to the last one.

grifter0242808d ago

From the beginning Bio said that Mass Effect was a trilogy.
The 3 games are a trilogy that tells the story of Commander Sheppard.

AFTER that Bio has not outright said but have said that AFTER the Trilogy they were moving on to something else and giving the reigns to EA which in turn means that standalone games will be coming out.

Most of the hardcore Mass Effect crowd will more then likely leave after the Trilogy. Most dont see EA keeping the franchise high in standard after 3.