NGP, Xperia Play may Win Battle for Handheld Gaming

Either the Xperia Play or NGP may emerge as the victor in the upcoming handheld gaming battle. Both of these devices are certainly extraordinary, but the iPad 2 and 3DS may give them a run for their money.

Jesse Divnich, an EEDAR analyst, stated that both the Xperia and NGP have a good chance at claiming the handheld next-gen crown. However, it will depend if these devices have enough impressive content to go up against Nintendo heavyweights like Pokemon and Mario....

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rabidpancakeburglar2745d ago

NPG yeah, but Xperia Play??? thats gotta be a joke

EYEamNUMBER12745d ago

this entire article lost any sort of relevance the moment they decided to seriously add Xperia Play to it

Xperia Play is gonna be another WP7, Zune at best

Optical_Matrix2744d ago

Another WP7? I assume you mean a failure. And I don't know how you've got that impression when the platform only released in November. WP7 is still young. I've been using it for a month (got a Samsung Omnia 7) and it's nuts. Has potential to at least sit up there with iOS and Android.

I know for sure it will stamp out blackberry completely as the years go by. On topic though, Xperia Play...dunno about that one. Should have been released 2 years ago. It's not even dual core so I don't know how it's going to go head to head with the next wave of Android devices which, for the most part with be dual core tegra's.

NGP could though. Being honest with you I hope it doesn't kill off the 3DS because I'm loving mine and, as with the PSP and DS , I want both of them to be healthy enough to provide me a bountiful amount of great games.

ComboBreaker2744d ago

Like Android, Xperia Play isn't going to go away.

Remeber that Xperia Play is just one of the many Android devices that support Playstation Suite. This verions may not win, but other versions and other Android devices that support Playstation Suite are here to stay.

rabidpancakeburglar2744d ago

damn I hate spelling cock ups

_Empath_2744d ago

Don't knock until you try it. Gaming phone with touch screen and actual buttons could do very well.

Apocalypse Shadow2744d ago

i think the NGP does have a chance at selling very looks like an awesome unit.and i plan on getting it.

i think the author may mean the playstation experience that will extend across other platforms.nintendo and apple will be tied to one which is their own.but sony's plan makes it possible to make money on multiple platforms while still offering direct hardware.

that's a killer combination.

Stealth20k2744d ago ShowReplies(1)
coojo2744d ago

hell no handhelds are for kids.

DNAbro2744d ago

i bet you are so "mature" aren't you?

etowntwo2744d ago

Idk.... As much as I luv the specs of the NGP, I have a feeling the price is going to be 300-350. And as an adult, for gaming in the go ... I think cellphone games are just going to keep getting better and better. So I'm sticking to my Android and iTouch for the foreseeable future.

And the 3ds is going to sell tons cause its Nintendo, and handheld are used more by kids anyways. Especially when the next Mario and Pokeman are released.

Trroy2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Until cellphones/pads have decent controls, they will never be any good, really.

If there are a lot of successors to the Xperia Play, maybe cellphones have a chance. Otherwise, forget it. Touchscreens are convenient and all, but replace gaming controls? No. Not even close.

Buttons are grossly underestimated, when it comes to usefulness.

etowntwo2744d ago

For gaming on the go ... touchscreen games are decent especially for the price and the fact you don't have to carry around an extra gadget and shell out hundreds on dollars on a dedicated handheld with games costing 40 or maybe 50 bucks on NGP.

xperia play had the right idea.... and I probably would have waited for it, but with the lack of 4g, I just bought the Thunderbolt instead. I do agree that successors and other iterations of Xperia Play are the future for adults.

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