Rockstar's secret Xbox 360 game unmasked

Details of a secret, presumably cancelled Rockstar game for Xbox 360 have emerged, alongside concept artwork.

We Are The Mods was originally created for PS2 at Rockstar's Toronto studio, but became a next-gen development at the behest of Rockstar New York. Work began on the game in 2006.

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Istanbull2805d ago ShowReplies(2)
BlmThug2805d ago

I Loved The Warriors So This Would Have Been Perfect, Still Theres Hope

just_looken2805d ago

yep its cancelled and the warriors was ok but after the sp was done the game became boring fast. its good they cancelled this also fyi rdr was a ps2 game but was remade for next gen.

Electroshocked2805d ago

I want Agent, more information on Agent, not information on an XBOX 360 exclusive that was cancelled ages ago...

ComboBreaker2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

For the PS3, an exclusive Triple A Rockstar game called Agent.
For the 360, an exclusive cancelled Rockstar game.

Electroshocked2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

@ComboBreaker Sorry brother, I don't think Agent will released this year, most likely 2012, but hopefully we'll get some gameplay of Agent at this year's E3. But if it is going to be released this year I might just die with excitement.

zeal0us2805d ago

So a sandbox modding game, it could probably been the first mod racers if they never canned it.

mikeslemonade2805d ago

If a developer wasn't payed to make a 360 exclusive on 360, it's because they're not really good. They're not savvy enough to make a PS3 port, so what makes you think this gonna be very good.

RockmanII72804d ago

It's presumed to be cancelled, though if it is still being made I'm sure it will be multi platform.

inveni02804d ago

What's with that thumbnail? It's a photo of a free model you can download from Turbosquid.

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AlienLion2805d ago

And here I was thinking Id love me a game with some sweet azz benches in it

Blaze9292805d ago

I would rather this be the rumored Bully 2 game. Bully was fantastic.

showtimefolks2805d ago

max payne 3
gta 5
gta 3,vc and sa in HD maybe?
what's next for RDR studio?
midnight club future?
bully 2?
bioshock 3?
agent(believe what you may as many think this game is history we will see something soon hopefully that's just my gut feeling)

M_Prime2805d ago

i agree.. ROCKSTAR (and take-two) have a lot of games under their belts and a lot of possibilities. They own so many established franchises.

i would have to say, Rockstar is one of the best 3rd party studios, sure MS and Sony had their say in certain things (timed exclusives) but rockstar seems to be going to the beat of their own drum and they are doing it quite well.

also i would love a BULLY2.. i played the original on Wii and then again on the Xbox360.. not often do i play games twice.

also wouldn't mind a remake of GTA3/VC/SA with the GTA4 engine (and cover system) but anyone notice lately we are getting way too many HD remakes/rereleases? i mean u can download SA on xbox360 that will run wide screen at 480P and they just released Beyond Good And Evil HD but at a low price.. PS3 just did teh God of Ward collection and i think Sly cooper Collection..

i prefer new stuff. As much i like to see old stuff redone i don't want to miss on new innovation to play the same game again

Inzo2805d ago

Bully 2? any truth to that? would be great.

bednet2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )


I'll answer your question, yes there are many HD re-releases, too many? It depends, for them to all be successful probably, but the way I see it is more like movies, Movies that were not filmed in HD and originally released in VHS have been remastered with better sound and image quality so that a new generation may enjoy them (i.e. Star Wars), on a new format.

Games are starting to be like that since there is less and less of a difference between generations...but you need a PS2/PS1/XBox to play them and having all generations of consoles is not convenient, personally I've been replaying some of those games (i.e. God of War) and I think it's great.

2805d ago
Highlife2804d ago

I never bought an xbox360. What did we acomplish there?

RedDevils2804d ago

what a dumbass Mcnablejr :D

nskrishna22804d ago

That is so awesome

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e-p-ayeaH2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

It kinda remembers me 'Italian Job' for PS1 it was and still is pretty fun.

Masterchef20072805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Is this real? Or is it more wishful thinking for 360 exclusives? I believe that Rockstar is done with making exclusive games and will make all future titles multiplatform. Except for agent because Sony paid for that a long time ago.

Anyways if they do make an exlclusive for the 360 that would be nice but like i said I dont think it will happen.

lochdoun2805d ago

I'm sure some of it could be recycled if GTA V does in fact take place in the UK.

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