Windows Phone 7 game sales are disappointing; there's no upside, say developers

Pocket Gamer:

It's almost six months since Microsoft rebooted its smartphone business with the launch of Windows Phone 7.

Trying to get any official figures about hardware sales, let alone app sales, is hard work however.

The company prefers to talk up the quality of its developer support and the number of apps available on the Marketplace - after all that's publicly available information.

So we're reduced to unofficial routes to get an idea about how the nascent platform is developing; studios are happy to talk about their experiences, anonymously at least.

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xtremegamerage2806d ago

Too late to the party.

Android has taken over.

ComboBreaker2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Developing the UI (using XAML) for that app is f*cking hard. The learning curve for XAML is f*cking insane.

I don't want to say it, but WP7 is truly dead on arrival.

btk2806d ago

And so the mighty has fallen. After years trying to get a foothold in the mobile market, Ms has lost the plot completely...

coryok2805d ago

dang, microsoft has lost so much money in the mobile market lol. i wonder when theyre just gonna say enough is enough and move on?

its pretty evident that google and apple have beaten them here

astar1234567892804d ago

there are only to types of phones we care about the iphone and the android phones that is it so just stop. just fix your other products.