Bungie Trademarks 'Pathways Into Darkness'

NowGamer: Bungie has filed a new game-related trademarks for 'Pathways into Darkness'...

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skyward2684d ago

Anything to do with the new franchise I wonder...?

pedrami912684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

IMO i really hope for a story driven FPS/TPS with a psychological approach.

We need more games with good stories and not just bang bang, zap zap, beep bop etc....

Kingdom Come2684d ago

Well, "Pathways into Darkness" certainly gives a twisted, gritty impression. Perhaps you may just recieve your wish...

redDevil872684d ago

I thought they were planning an MMO?

Raendom2684d ago

Sounds pathy and dark, interested.

palaeomerus2684d ago

"Pathways into Darkness" is an old old game.

SixZeroFour2684d ago

first sentence in the article "Bungie has filed a new trademark for its 1993 FPS-adventure Pathways into Darkness" should have made it obvious that PiD is an old game

a08andan2684d ago

omg, that game requires 2MB of RAM.

Raven_Nomad2684d ago

I don't think Bungie will ever escape the Halo moniker. There next game will be met with a ton of criticism, I don't envy them, I just hope it's an adequate game.

TheLeprachaun2684d ago

Eh, wasn't this game already released by Bungie in the early nineties? Could be a remake I guess but I thought the Activision-Bungie game was a new IP?

skyward2684d ago

Says it was an old Mac game in the piece

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