New Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack Officially Announced

After rumours of the new maps going around for a couple of weeks, today Activision has officially announced that the “Escalation” map pack will be coming for Black Ops fans, first on Xbox 360 on Tuesday 3rd May, then a month later for PS3 and PC owners.

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hennessey862684d ago

ive traded black ops in...............oh well

plb2684d ago

I traded that crap in 2 weeks after I got it and from I have heard the PS3 version is still screwed up.

ddurand12684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I just got 30$ for it from gamestop. I dont think ive ever gotten that much for a game ever.

TreMillz2684d ago

im about to trade mines in soon, my friend thats a manager at GS says the 50% trade in sale is happening again this in the comming week or 2. Brink here i come.

zeksta2684d ago

Yup, Call of Duty continues to dominate the DLC Milking Industry.

Der_Kommandant2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

for fuck's sake please don't buy that digital diarrhea

MGRogue20172684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Looking forward to it.. And will most likely be buying even if it is 1200MS Points..

guigsy2684d ago

First Strike was an excellent map pack, hopefully Treyarch can keep up the good work.

zeksta2684d ago

Yes, you would buy it, wouldn't you?

Capdastaro2684d ago

The COD hate on N4G is so fake, give it up you just look like retards...

hennessey862684d ago

I love cod 1,2,mw1 and 2 but I hate waw and black ops.

Dart892684d ago

What makes you think we don't hate cod??Although number 4 is awesome that is the only game i'm willing to play other than that COD sux.

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