Diablo 3 Level Cap? Why?

In response to further fan questioning, the age-old level cap discussion was brought to light again last week on the board. While Bashiok's lengthy replies did not necessarily give us any new information, per se, he did give us very thorough explanations of what the team was thinking when it set the level sixty cap on Diablo III characters and how this will logically factor in to expansions in the future.

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rabidpancakeburglar2808d ago

Why? Because most RPGs have level caps, it's never fun but them's the facts

callahan092808d ago

Demon's Souls did the level cap thing right. You could take each stat up to level 99, with highest overall soul level possible being 712. I played the game for over 100 hours and never broke soul level 150, so that's a really high level cap that 99.9% of players will never approach.

evrfighter2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

10 bucks for level 70
10 bucks for level 80
10 bucks for 85

Well they found a way to maximize profits. Good for them, no hard feelings. Looks like ill sitting this one out. But bf3 will be enough to keep me busy next year. With next-gen on pc around the corner can't say ill be missing out.

RumbleFish2808d ago

I agree, Demon' Souls did it right, but I will definitely buy Diablo 3 and I will buy every expansion because I know that Blizzard will be delivering an excellent product. And I know that they support their products. Diablo 2 got it's latest patch in 2010! This is how you care for your customers. Blizzard will not disappoint us.

Perjoss2808d ago

"10 bucks for level 70
10 bucks for level 80
10 bucks for 85"

anyone who has played a blizz game knows you get so much more than an extra 5 or 10 levels added to the cap for your cash. Blizz expansions are crazy good value for money. And that's not even mentioning the free content they release every so often.

ThanatosDMC2808d ago

They're gonna sell two expansions for this game to reach lv 99.

2806d ago
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Bullshido2808d ago

Well Diablo 3 wouldn't be any fun without a level cap. Although if they succed to develop a RPG game that will have non stop update model such as World of Warcraft as MMORPG has, it will be pro.

vekixd2808d ago

Well lets say there is no level cap. Diablo would be awesome because player with higher level is the best. It is simple, there is no item level, some imaginary score (DKP,etc), there is level.

Bullshido2808d ago

True that although there must be a level cap although if they keep with bringing high level content, the level cap doesn't matter at all. In my opinion, level cap only matters to seriously CAP other things such as DMG meters, Item Caps, Spell Caps and Builds.

pr0digyZA2808d ago

I cant see people reaching it on their first playthroughs, so this is a way to get in re-playability. Especially if you play each of the classes.

vekixd2808d ago

Diablo is not complicated at all, grind aspect of the game is what is important, if you put a a level cap you there might be a problem. Remove level cap al people will play over 9000 hours.

pr0digyZA2808d ago

I haven't read up much on this third entry (don't want to ruin it) but if they add in the changing levels with the random loot then I am sure people will keep on coming back for more. Plus there will probably be the expansion which will raise the cap, and if enough people complain then I'm sure they will remove it entirely. We'll first just have to wait and see how this game handles.

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