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Apotheosize2719d ago

I see some God of War 3 in there, thats not a bad thing

NewMonday2719d ago

EA should have made this the "accessible" RPG and left Dragon Age alone.

lastdual2719d ago

Looks good for a Diablo-style action RPG.

With the talent involved, it upsets me a little that we won't get a full-on RPG with tons of NPCs, dialogue and alternatives to combat, but for an open-world dungeon crawler this seems fairly promising.

emekcrash2719d ago

What? This is exactly what you just said it won't be... It IS a full on RPG. Get your facts right before commenting.

lastdual2718d ago

For someone who is accusing me of not having my facts straight, you seem to have a total lack of evidence.

The devs have repeatedly described the game as an *action-RPG*. Notice how they've talked almost exclusively about combat? That's what the game is about.

If you're expecting a similar number of NPCs or lines of dialgue to a Bethesda or Bioware game, or the option to sneak past enemies rather than engage them, etc., then you must not have been paying any attention to the coverage.

Granted, if you think that Borderlands was a full-on RPG, then you'll probably feel the same here...

kratos1232718d ago

so be your logic i can also say that ff7 isnt a rpg?
also dragon age was cool but i wouldnt want all my rpg to be like that every 15 minutes making some stupid choises , i would rather have a great a game that reasembles the ff franschise then the bioware games. but thats my opinion also i cant wait fore this game looks great GOW and rpg man killer combination what i always wanted

lastdual2718d ago


"so by your logic i can also say that ff7 isnt a rpg?"

OK, I'll bite :) How exactly does my statement relate at all WHATSOEVER to FF7?

Are you trying to say that FF7 was a Diablo-style action-RPG? Last I checked, it was a JRPG with turn-based battles (which I enjoy), a good balance between dungeons and towns, plenty of NPCs and dialogue, etc. I really don't see how it relates to this discussion at all... Maybe you can elaborate?

emekcrash2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

@lastdual I've been following this game from the very beginning, I'm on nearly every fan site and have seen and read nearly every interview with the developers, so don't tell me you know more about this game than me because you don't. For one, this game will have a lot of interactive NPCs and dialgue. This game will have an enormous lore, like TES. This will be completely open world like Bethesda's games. This WILL have a stealth system.

So no, you don'tknow anything about this game, judging from the stupid statements you are making.

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Jovahkiin2719d ago

Looks great, any news on a co-op mode?

MidnytRain2718d ago

This looks promising. I like the idea the developers at 38 have about making it a true action RPG. The visuals look a bit dated, though. I don't know if it's just my browser, but hopefully it looks good when it comes out next year.

Quagmire2718d ago

Spawn creator already had me sold.

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