TIG: Jurassic Park: The Game Preview

Jurassic Park... a classic movie and icon in the dinosaur film genre. Have you ever watched the movie and thought: "Jeeze, why didn't he just run over there and hit the switch!" Well, Telltale Games just read your mind. Coming this month (Fall for consoles), the studio is releasing a brand new game appropriately dubbed "Jurassic Park: The Game". This time, you'll be in full control, and you get to direct the escape.

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rezzah2438d ago

Im gona buy this game, of all the things to do with dinos Jurassic Park is the best.

BlmThug2438d ago

Saw The Video, Looks Crap

ShinFuYux2438d ago

Why not make a new movie instead of a game?!?

Quagmire2438d ago

My guess was cozthe studio was throwing around ideas such as having Dinosaurs with weapons.

Yup....mounted weapons on T Rexs and Velociraptors.