Shopping mall shooter locked himself up with violent videogames

PSFocus writes: On Saturday morning (april 8th) the 24 year old Tristan van der Vlis shoots himself through his head, but not before he killed six innocent people and injures 10 people and more. The shooting happened in a shopping mall in Aphen aan den Rijn, and the shooter used different guns, but his main killing weapon was a machine gun. He was a young kid with a psychological problem, had no friends and (of course?) he’d played a lot of violent videogames. His uncle said that he locked himself up to play violent videogames. FBI Profiler Greg O. McCrary, said that playing violent videogames, fits the profile of a mass murderer.

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rabidpancakeburglar2777d ago

I hate articles which blame violent video games for some head case killing people

justRonald2777d ago

The Dutch media doesn't pick out the fact that he'd played a lot of violent videogames (thank god for that one), but it was said by his uncle, a source of a newspaper and a FBI profiler. It dominates the news in the Netherlands, but the real question is; Why was he a member of a shooting club, when he had psychological problems? And where did he get his machine gun from?

pr0digyZA2777d ago

It's called shifting the blame onto something else so that there will be an excuse for his nephews actions. Otherwise the focus would be on how he was brought up most likely.

ComboBreaker2777d ago

like in CoD. Well, at least he learnt a very important lesson, for his next life.

gypsygib2777d ago

They should probably blame the people/government that somehow made it possible for this guy to have a machine gun.

WTF, how is that possible?

Christopher2777d ago

Note that the fact that playing violent video games fits for the profile of a mass murderer does not in any way mean that it is a determining or primary factor as such. Furthermore, it far from means that playing violent video games means the FBI sees you as a mass murderer.

Profiles are about all of the pieces coming together, not one item. Unless of course that one item is a history of murdering people. That one is pretty hard to ignore.

rezzah2777d ago

Yea Ignore the PSYCHOLOGICAL problems, the video games are the issue.

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N4Gsukballs2777d ago

im tired of people saying video games makes people violent. We should kill them.

OMGitzThatGuy2777d ago

Hahaha, It's funny because your a Gamer and don't like peoPle saying games make people violent and your making death threats hahahaha

KiRBY30002777d ago

Obvious joke is Obvious

NiKK_4192777d ago

Nobody got the family guy reference? Nobody?? Lol I'll give you an agree

Active Reload2777d ago

You have more agrees than disagrees. I'm thinking people should read your comment a little more carefully, then think about it.

N4Gsukballs2777d ago

Glad you got the joke. =)

Sashamaz2777d ago

I gave this man a agree because I got the joke/irony and I'm sure that's the reason why everyone else did.

Active Reload2777d ago

You agreed that "we should kill them", lol.

jimmins2777d ago

This guy probably ate chocolate, too.

Chocolate!!!!!! No wonder he's a psycho.

Ban chocolate immediately.

rdgneoz32777d ago

Twinkie defense? We need the chewbacca defense.

Peaceful_Jelly2777d ago

The way they described this guy I feel like they are describing me! I don't like guns nor shooter games (I play mostly SF and KOF games) but since a couple of years ago I lost contact with most of my friends and all I do now is work, play games and sometimes I go to the beach to surf but alone (kinda dangerous but the other surfers are cool and they'll help u out if you're in need, if the waves are not too big of course). But being a loner can turn anybody into a psycho, gamer or not, specially if you're above 25. =(

mkcoolsubzero2777d ago

Then try and make friends with some of the surfers and attempt to get back into contact with friends. You must have other hobbies besides just gaming, and if you do not really have many other hobbies then join an outside group that loves gaming and enjoy gaming together with that group(thats what I do, but we find tons of other things to do beside game when hanging out). Just make sure not to stop interacting with our real society.

Hellsvacancy2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Youve got it made buddy, id love to be on my own, ive got a missis and two screamin kids that drive me round the bend (and people wonder why i smoke heaps of weed)

Its not the individuals fault its societys fault, if we didnt live in this materialistic world that we all live in people would turn to each other

Listenin to music and smokin weed is KEY to keepin a sane and healthy brain

If your on the PSN Jelly add me man, ill chat wid ya, make you laugh, you shouldnt be alone through choice


snaz272777d ago

hey i got 2 kids too :-) though mine down scream thankfully lol, it's ace having them around, the shit they come out with, well i say they, my youngest is only 19 months, all i get is dad, dad, dad, come, come, come... Then i get led to the fridge! Lol... Got another one on the way too! I'm hoping for a boy this time though, then i can get the snip or something! I'll do it on the sly too. Ha ha my misses wants 4!... But yeah to the original poster, you must get bored stiff, why don't you try chattin to some surfers or something, obviously you have a common interest, do you smoke weed? If not, why not? Lol... Nah really though it's what keeps me sane most of the time... And hellsvacancy i totally get where you're coming from with the materialistic stuff, i'm currently turning half my garden into a veg patch, gonna get some chickens too, think it'll be fun for the kids, plus get em away from the tv, there's nothing like chillin outdoors in the sun with a fat one! And a spliff lmao.

_Empath_2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I would beat this fools ass. Guns are for weaklings. Good thing he took his life away one less dangerous loser.

DoomeDx2777d ago

Its a good thing he shot himself through the head?

IMO he got away with it to easilly! he should have suffered from what he have done

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