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zeksta2689d ago

As I said previously... Call of Duty continues to dominate the DLC Milking industry.

TheFreak2689d ago

Yes yes they do, but you got to give them props for including so many maps on the disc.

rabidpancakeburglar2689d ago

Meh, I'm trading in my Black Ops. First strike was pretty crap

news4geeks2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

you actually bought it? well to be fair I'm not surprised because the standard maps are just god awful.

edit: lol fair enough

rabidpancakeburglar2689d ago

No, why in gods name would I buy it. My brother bought it and I played it when I was looking after his dogs

TheFreak2689d ago

The first strike dlc was pretty solid. I really like the maps except discovery. Ascension was a breath of fresh air in zombie mode, but nothing beats kino der toten. I hope for the same quality maps this time around...

Giru0172689d ago

MAG much?
What's next, Interdiction DLC?

frjoethesecond2689d ago

Just what I was thinking. They're having a hard time coming up with names apparently.

Raven_Nomad2689d ago

Sweet! Cant wait to get some more maps. Hopefully the Zombie map is as good as the last one.

I have to admit Treyarch really supports the hell out of their games, though I tend to enjoy the IW games a bit more, they lack the follow through that TA has.

BrokenGamez2689d ago

ppl still care about BO dlc?? lmao

drsnobby2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

you do know that the top selling game on both ps3 and 360 is BO.if no one cared for it then it wouldn,t have sold so well on both and demand.

BrokenGamez2689d ago

supply and demand but sales dont equal quality and i find it amazing ppl still play this. like every COD after 4 the shit gets boring after like 2 months of play. i know some ppl are gonna buy it my point was why lmao. every COD after 4 has been the same shit wrapped in a different box with a bow

RioKing2689d ago

Yes ppl still care about it....MILLIONS of ppl.