Battlefield 3 Player Wishlist

The end of round scorecard and awards pages in Battlefield 2 offered a way of seeing how the players performed against each other in different categories. It wasn’t just who had the most points, kills etc. But also the finer elements of the game, like who did most repairs, most heals and revives — in other words, players could see how well everyone did not just in terms of kills, but team actions as well. For instance, who was best at capturing flags? And who was best at defending? And who supplied the most ammunition to his teammates?

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rabidpancakeburglar2806d ago

Is there a genie who grants these wishes? If so I wish I had it now *poof* YAAAAY

Bullshido2806d ago

Yea I think there are a developers who track Fan Wishes

DeadlyFire2805d ago

How about map tagging. Something that disappeared in Bad Company series. In Battlefield 2 you could hit spot and ? mark appears on map at that spot. Would be nice. As in Bad Company 2 you can't spot hidding enemies that you know are peeping up at a certain spot sometimes.

Psychotica2805d ago

Offline Bots to practice against, especially practice using copters and jets.