Bullet Soul Demo now at Xbox Live Marketplace

Not sure about 5pb.'s original Xbox 360 shooter Bullet Soul? While the game is available for purchase as of April 7, those who'd like to try before they buy can do so now via a demo. Xbox Live Gold members have access to the Xbox Live Marketplace demo starting today. Silver Members will have to wait until the 18th.


This demo is available on the Japanese Xbox Live only.

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MasterChief36242776d ago

It is seriously annoying when I think they are finally coming out with a bullet hell shooter on the 360, only to find it's just in Japan. Can you guys put somewhere in the article or this posting that this is for Japanese Xbox 360s and the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace?

So that you don't get more people like me that are disappointed greatly when they see this and get excited, then check the marketplace and release list and notice it's nowhere to be seen for us US folks? :|