PS2 Overtakes 360 Again in Japanese Sales Charts

Keeping half an eye on the Japanese console sales during March has felt like an even more trivially important exercise than normal. With the North East of Japan still struggling to come to terms with the devastation wrought by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami the question of which consoles are selling the best seems utterly inconsequential. Though as the Japanese people are demonstrating with their remarkable stoicism, even in these most extreme of circumstances you carry on as best as you can.

And Move outsells Kinect

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news4geeks2805d ago

Sony is looking strong in Japan these days.

Emilio_Estevez2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

and anything Microsoft is looking very weak there. Such an interesting market compard to the others. Very different.

darthv722805d ago

it could be the way their culture views the way MS left the original xbox to focus on the 360. Or it could be some propaganda being spread that buying a 360 is bad.

We really dont know why the consumer rate for the 360 is so low but we know that it does sell. MS believes in Japan in spite of what people on N4G think. They are taking the approach that the longer they persist instead of giving up, they will (at the very least) earn the respect of that culture.

MS as a whole is not viewed in the same fanboyish eyes over there that people like to believe. The company is well respected in general. They need to earn the respect and honor of the people by standing their ground with the 360.

And yes is a very different market.

ozstar2805d ago

@darthv72, Do they need propaganda to be convinced that the RROD is real or something?

Not trolling, because that would be a pretty clear reason not to buy it, even now with the problems fixed.

darthv722805d ago

not exactly the angle I was looking at as they know the RROD situation. I was leaning towards bad as in bad for the player. Like those who experience physical issues when playing the 3ds.

Playing a 360 could be bad for the players health because of increased seizure activity or muscle fatigue. Stuff like that. Something that happens to the person is viewed more serious than something that happens to the unit.

If gamers listen to such things then they tend to steer clear for their own safety rather than trying it and seeing for themselves. MS made a great product with great games and I doubt that the single reason for lack of consumer support is the old RROD.

I really think it goes to how they handled their first system and quick abandonment that is keeping people from supporting it. I think we all feel that way at some point. You buy something only to be left high and dry because the company folded. So it makes you very weary of the next thing.

Just a thought.

TheBlackSmoke2805d ago

Its more about the type of games a console offers. sorry but COD:bro and teh haloz just dont cut it in JP.

PS2 is literally the greatest rpg console of all time, plus there are plenty of other quirky Japanese centric games for it.

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TreMillz2805d ago

right on time with the NPD article down there...just when you want SONY to look bad they slap ya!

the_best_player2805d ago

Even PS2 has more and better exclusives than 360.

ColecoVision2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Iv'e said this before... The Japanese like Japanes products. This is why Samsung pulled out of Japan back in 2007.

Also, it's just different over there. A PS2 game sold more at #6 on the charts last week over Crysis 2 (PS3) at #12.

badz1492804d ago

Samsung has too many competitions in everything they tried back in the days! Japanese makers covers almost every single area and Samsung is not exactly the top dog! for example, I can assure you that TVs or monitors made by Mitsubishi are way better than Samsungs but it's nowhere to be found outside Japan if I'm not mistaken!

and FPS has never really been in the Japanese culture but a slight appearance in sales chart for a week or so before disappearing like it was never there!

ColecoVision2804d ago

I was the biggest Mitsubishi fan back in the 80's and 90's. They had some of the best chassis in their sets, but times have changed. All they sell now is over priced sets with a mediocre display.

Even though Samsung doesn't need Japan, they lead the world wide TV market with 17% to Sony's 6%.

And it was Samsung that helped Sony launch their Bravia line.

However, all manufacturers have issues with their sets.

Cnets top 5 rated TV's for PQ. -

chidori6662805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

PS2 is better than PS3...

I found my experience on the PS2 more memorable and in general much better compared to the experiences I had on the PS3.

news4geeks2805d ago

It's probably because you're older and when in retrospect you gain nostalgia. I feel the same way about games in general.

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Godmars2902805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Advertising over product quality does not sell a product in certain regions.

And that's why the iPod, and iPhone don't sell there - oh wait...

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ComboBreaker2805d ago

the Japanese doesn't get trick by the marketing bs that Microsoft pulls on the Americans.

Istanbull2805d ago

I think Sony needs to re market the PS2 again, only 150 million PS2's have been sold out of 6 billion people!

ZombieAssassin2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I believe they made a TV model with a Ps2 built in but I think they only released it in the UK. It's a way to re-market it, I just wish that they would included some sort of proper upscaling in it.

lee_ten2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

not surprising either. no matter what microsoft does, they can't penetrate the japanese market.

lol @ Raven_Nomad> just like how american numbers are posted to make microsoft look good?

Prcko2805d ago

Japan never liked those american companies,so there you go why xbox sucks there :)

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