Report: Global Online Gaming Worth $21bn By 2012

NowGamer: A study for the World Bank projects that the global MMO market will top $20 billion by next year...

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skyward2780d ago

The MMO market has basically doubled in 4 years. Has the amount of players doubled in that time? I'm guessing not.

ATiElite2780d ago

260 Million Online Gamers world wide...Google it!!

Stealth20k2780d ago

prices doubled

mmo's are about the least successful genre out there. Theres basically 1 success for every 10 failures

ATiElite2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

OMG! looks like The Console are DYING!

MMO's with subscription fees or micro-transactions make a ton of money and it's the new business model for Games along with Digital Distribution.

"while growth in PC online platforms will not increase enough to offset the console drop."

We will see....Rift, Tera, Black Prophecy, Star Wars The Old Republic, WarHammer 40k, Guild Wars 2 all say High!