New Assassin’s Creed This Year Claims Ubisoft’s CEO

Kotaku: Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot claimed that a new Assassin’s Creed will be coming this year, stating that it will be “something interesting around the Assassin’s brand.”

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-Mezzo-2805d ago

Awesome another must buy for me this year, "If It Comes Out", i just want to have a decent ending this time.

tdogchristy902805d ago

I want a conclusion to the current story arch, no more cliff hangers.

Eamon2805d ago

Well, if it's the final entry in the series then yeah there won't be a cliffhanger.

tdogchristy902805d ago


They did say ac was supposed to be a trilogy. I don't mind them doing spin offs kind of like Halo with reach and odst. But in terms of story I would like to see a conclusion to the current story.

Electroshocked2805d ago

Yes, a conclusion would be nice and it would also be nice if they improved the graphics, quite a bit.

tdogchristy902805d ago


I just hate it when a franchise gets into perpetual releases and never has a conclusion to the story. Then they end up ruining the franchise. AC is one of my favorite franchise this gen so I don't want to see it ruined. While spin offs and a different story would be nice to keep the franchise going since it is a good franchise, a conclusion and non perpetual releases are what I seek.

evrfighter2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I'm actually going to defend cod here so bear with me.

You got one studio putting assassins creed year after and it takes 2 years for treyarch and info.ity ward to put out a buggy cod title.

Sry on my evo. Hate touchscreen

badz1492805d ago

it won't only be a trilogy! there will be more coming!

Eamon2805d ago

Well somehow I don't think AC3 will be the last game considering the huge scale of the story. There's so much story to tell in just a single game.

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Johandevries2805d ago

They are seemingly moving towards the annual CoD-direction. And this CoD-direction will in the end be disastrous for the quality of these games. Money money money

Neo Nugget2805d ago

Well, Brotherhood didn't suffer despite the fact that it came out a year later.

lastdual2805d ago

True, but Brotherhood was built on the foundation of AC2. They already had a lot of material and assets to work with.

If the next game takes place in a whole new region & era (as I hope it would), that short development time will make it very hard to pump out the same amount of content.

Eamon2805d ago

I think the next AC game was being made at the same time as ACB. So it would have been 2 years worth of development.

Eamon2805d ago

To be honest, if the milk tastes good the by all means milk it.

The difference with COD is that the milk has expired.

Quagmire2805d ago

^^Pretty much this

Whats wrong with having having a sequel every year so long as its actually good, and an improvement on the previous iterations. People can call it milking, but If I get more of what i love, whats wrong with that?

QuodEratDemonstrandm2805d ago

Assassin's Creed: Black Ops

I hope not. Guitar Hero is dead and CoD is a laughingstock. Milking a franchise doesn't end well.

PaPa-Slam2805d ago

As much as i love Assassins Creed series, i will say that releasing a Sequel each year is SH#T, literally SH#t.

From all 3 i love the first one the best, it was repetitive as hell, but it had a unique and different feel to it.

Electroshocked2805d ago

I think the 1st one was more detailed and more care went into it, I'll have to see, as I'm going to replay all three pretty soon anyway. And it would be very nice if they released trophies for ACI on the PS3, it really irritates me seeing ACII and ACB in my trophy list but not ACI...

Steve0072805d ago

YA, trophies would be wonderful, if they release it. Will be a good enough reason for me to play them again.

rabidpancakeburglar2805d ago

They already said that there would be one last year before brotherhood was out

plb2805d ago

Lots of milk from ubi

TheLeprachaun2805d ago

Luckily it's delicious milk and not sour milk.

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