SSFIV Coming To PC?

DP: Super Street Fighter IV has been listed for PC on ESRB. Assuming this isn't a mistake of some sort, ESRB's listing confirms that the long awaited PC version...

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plb2808d ago

Better late than never I guess lol.

john22808d ago

Embargo will be lifted tomorrow, so then we'll all know whether it comes or not ;)

kagon012808d ago

Even if the game its released I don't want the game to have GFWL or WGX...

LightofDarkness2808d ago

Street Fighter IV was GFWL, so this will be too. Capcom has some sort of deal with MS and GFWL. God I hate that.

iamgoatman2808d ago

I gave up waiting and bought it cheap used for my 360 a few months ago, and although I'm primarily a PC gamer and the game was pretty bloody good, I don't think it warrants a second purchase. Should have got your ass into gear Capcom.