Pinball FX 2: New Table On April 20th - Mars

XXLGaming writes, "There will be a brand new pinball table available for Pinball FX2 on the Xbox 360 this April 20th. The new table features a visit to the red planet, Mars. The table will cost 240 Microsoft Points and will feature new achievements. Check out the press release, trailer and screens."

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Yi-Long2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

... I thought 200 pts were the going rate for PinballFX2 tables?

Why the 20% price-hike!?

The whole PinballFX2 thing is a bit of a disappointment anyway. They sold it with the idea that it would have very regular updates so you could build a great big collection of fun tables, yet hardly anything comes out for it.

I'd like a Shonen Jump collection btw.

Boon Tarkas2805d ago

Fantastic game and with the consolidation of FX1 and FX2 there's like 15+ tables. How much more could you want?
And the latest table costs what $3.00?
I don't know how much more value you could want.

rwallace2805d ago

Yeah there are a total of 17 tables available at the moment I believe, and this Mars table will make it 18. Sure, I wish there were more tables on a regular basis but I am okay with the way its been handled. The tourneys online definitely make up for the lack of content on a regular basis.