White Knight Chronicles II Includes The Original WKC On The Same Blu-Ray Disc

The original game has been fully remastered and was re-developed alongside its sequel, so it features many of the improvements from White Knight Chronicles II as a result. When you boot up White Knight Chronicles II, you’ll also be able to choose whether to start from the very beginning of the whole story or jump straight into the second installment.

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sashimi2752d ago

Now i'll have two copies of WKC I, but what has been remastered about WKC I anyway.

Nelson M2752d ago Show
GraySnake2752d ago

Wait say what? o.O that's pretty cool... especially for people like me who didn't play the first one.

swishersweets200312752d ago

wow thats cool, i never played the first one but that made me interested for sure.

snaz272752d ago

yeah me too, though i'll wait to hear a bit more about it first, i'm actually rather suspicious.. Didn't the first one get raped in the reviews? Maybe this is their way of saying sorry and wanting people to give the second one a try, or maybe the second one is another pile of poo? Two piles of poo on one disc lol.. Like i say i'll wait and see how it turns out.

snaz272752d ago

not whole heartedly, but if everyone is saying the same thing then you gotta atleast listen a bit surely? If it was really mixed reviews i'd say i'd give it a go, but i probably wouldn't bother if everyone says the same, it's shit... Reviews to me are not the be all and end all but they are a guideline and i only wanna spend my time with quality to be honest. I do take other things into consideration though.

supersonicsaga2752d ago

you trust reviews to judge JRPGs?

snaz272752d ago

as i've already explained, pretty clearly i thought, i don't listen to reviews of any game solely, i use my own judgement too, but i'm not gonna waste my time even renting something that is sub par, sorry, i just don't have the time to waste on that... Reviews are a guide as to what you can expect, if everyone say's it sucks, and i read lots of things that i think suck, then i'll skip it! What's the problem with that exactly?

TheDivine2752d ago

Dont trust reviews but the whole community says this game sucked except mmo fans or diehard fanboys who like it cause its the only jrpg on ps3. Hopefully 2 redeems level 5 it has potential but wkc def flopped hard. Wait for the second for the remastered first with faster battles.

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The story is too old to be commented.