Going Rogue: Winning Isn’t Everything

How a game that administers harsh penalties for failure taught a player to accept, even enjoy, not winning.

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RogueCheddar2780d ago

Never able to get into these games, without the sense of accomplishment that comes from building up an awesome set of characters or character I don't get much out of it.

illegalyouth2779d ago

Even with a username with "rogue" in it? Heh.

acronkyoung2780d ago

I don't think I could handle a roguelike at this point in my life. They're something I probably needed to get into when I was a kid and had a ton of free time.

feitclub2778d ago

Being on a handheld helps a lot. I've just got time to kill on the train or bus so why not attempt a (completely charming) Sisyphean task?

illegalyouth2779d ago

I picked up the DS Shiren tonight thanks to this!

feitclub2778d ago

Wow, I hope you like it! This was my first real Shiren experience, I'm looking forward to the next one.