Pokemon Black Version Review (El33tonline)

Pete at El33tonline writes:

"Pokémon Black is a bit of an intimidating game to review. It’s huge beyond imagination for starters. Well, I guess it’s not beyond someone’s imagination since someone made it, but I certainly can’t imagine the length, breadth and depth of it. It’s also the 5th generation of games in the biggest-selling videogame series of all time – a giant monster of a game, hardly pocket-sized.

I can confidently say that Pokémon Black is the best Pokémon game I have played. My history is limited to the DS games, all of which I’ve enjoyed, but this new generation really does improve upon the previous games significantly in being both better for new players (in terms of pacing and guidance) and more interesting for returning pocket monster trainers (due to an entirely new roster of Pokémon, new moves and tweaks to the battles)."

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