Hands-on: Guitar Hero III vs. Rock Band

The battle for your eardrums will begin this Holiday season, as developers are readying two competing musical video games, Guitar Hero III and Rock Band.

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MyNutsYourChin4054d ago

Which ever game the consumer prefers it is good to see Rock Band bringing group interaction to the PS3 and 360. Rock Band may turn out to be a huge selling point for non-hardcore gamers to purchase the PS3 and 360 (if they've got the cash). My tastes rest more on Guitar Hero III for the Wii as I'd just rather get my musician buddies together to play some real rock instead looking like a bunch of dorks playing Rock Band.

Daxx4054d ago

I'm sticking with GH3.

stunt2134054d ago

I dont know about rock band cuz all of my friend love GH series but if i buy rock band instead of guitar hero, iporlly will only use the guitar cuz i dont even think al lmy friends wanna play it with the drum and mic cuz they might look like an idiot.

Frances-the-Mute4054d ago

i personally prefer GHIII because of the setlist, but i've tried rock band, its much more fun, drumming is hella cool