CVG - Mass Effect 3 'made out of incredible moments'

CVG: Casey Hudson, BioWare's executive producer for the Mass Effect franchise, says the third game in the series will feature a number of "incredible moments".

"... This is what we've been looking forward to the whole trilogy," he told Game Informer. "If you think about the IP that we've built, really every one of the arcs we've got going are leading towards this long list of incredible moments, and that's really what Mass Effect is made out of."

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-Mezzo-2806d ago

I bet it is, loved the Second one, I played it on my PS3, still haven't bought the First one but I'll definitely pick it up before the 3rd one releases.

Crossifixxo2806d ago

Eric Cartman (Southpark) says, 'Sweeeet'