18+ MMORPGs: A World of 3D Fantasy, Violence and Sex

There's nothing new about 18+ MMOs. I'd wager that the first person to say: 'Imagine a fantasy world filled with thousands of characters played by real people', heard: 'Imagine if they were all naked' shortly after. It's part and parcel of the human experience. There're videos of people masturbating to characters from World of Warcraft all over You Tube, and 'MMOs' like Second Life have been promoting 'digital love' since the beginning of 'digital time'.

Though, try as I might, I've never really experienced any of it. I thought that by now I'd have at least stumbled upon something raunchy; after all, I do spent a good 90% of my life playing MMOs on the Internet. But I haven't. It's the industry's best-kept secret. And today, I'm going to dig it up.

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Lirky2808d ago

This should be NSFW since the last photo pose of succubus boobs are exposed.