Let’s Stop Ruining Video Game Comedy

Damn Lag: “The cake is a lie.” Before the release of Portal and the subsequent popularization of the quote, I had never had such a tumultuous relationship with a videogame meme. On one hand, it is awesome that gaming had such genuinely funny and quotable game to enjoy as Portal. It indicates how much writing and dialog in games has become a top priority and bodes well on the future of gaming.

On the other hand, it got overwhelmingly annoying extremely quickly and was driven into the ground by what seemed to be every gamer under the sun.

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v1c1ous2744d ago

breaking news:

popular things go stale from being too popular

hiredhelp2744d ago

Duke is one of few characters that is allowed to have his personality in the game. thats one of many things he was known for. if you dont like that you get board of hearing him say it then you no duke fan so in the words of classic duke.


e-p-ayeaH2744d ago

I think every game should have humor (at least some of it) like CoD MW2 ridiculous perks and streaks their hilarious!

Rybakov2744d ago

i agree portal was nice to play until rock band put the cake is a lie song and EVERY new game has to have that reference even freakin Castlevania had it in it and totally brought the whole mood down....the metal gear solid one was appropriate but now teh cake is a lie...and every time i go online i hear some child screaming it over xbl or psn

palaeomerus2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

"Douche chill" ? Uggh. Just stop talking.