Angry Joe: Top 5 Reasons Mortal Kombat Will Kick Ass

These are Angry Joe's Top 5 Reasons Mortal Kombat will kick ass.

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warrior99882684d ago

its excellent but ssf4 good too

Captain Qwark 92684d ago

Agreed on soooooo many levels. Im votin game of the year, its only competition will be batman. second of course will be gears and uncharted.

Gazman2684d ago

Another reason why I hate the freaking Australian Classification System

kasasensei2684d ago

1 reason why it will suck
DLC for fatality

warrior99882684d ago

troll all you want that aint gonna change the fact that mk is awesome have an ice day i hope you understand what i mean MR troll

swishersweets200312684d ago

I really hope this game gets a long life span and support to keep it fresh. I would feel really cheated if they announced next year mortal kombat 9 delux edition or some bs like that selling the same game with minimal tweaks because thats how i felt when i bought SF4 just to see SSF4.

8 more days i cant wait!!!