SOCOM 4 Solo Campaign Trailer

Zipper Interactive and Sony Computer Entertainment have released a new trailer for their upcoming third person shooter SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs.
SOCOM 4 puts you in charge of five characters. Focusing on cinematics, story telling and authenticity, along with the ability to use both PlayStation Move and DUALSHOCK, the game will immerse you in a battle set in Asia. You will experience what's it like to be an Ops Commander in charge of a multinational force; First Lieutenant Park Yoon-Hee (call-sign "45"), a South Korean covert operations specialist; Chief Petty Officer Dion Wells; Heavy Weapons Operator Eric Schweitzer; and Chung Kwan, a South Korean reconnaissance operative.

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Schism202689d ago

2:32 Expuuriencing? lol

FanboyPunisher2689d ago

Cant believe they MAG'ized Socom like this...

Oh well, better then COD.

Trroy2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

MAG has no single player, no AI, etc. That's what the video was about (SOCOM 4 single player, AI, etc.) when I watched it just a moment ago.

Are you just trolling? Have you even played MAG?

Spenok2688d ago

Im guessing by his one bubble his answer would be a resounding yes if he had the opportunity to answer you.

Trroy2688d ago


By his one bubble, I'm guessing that he's trolling, actually, and hasn't played MAG, or watched the video, at all.

Bullshido2689d ago

Well to be honest it still looks awesome

badz1492688d ago

this will be a perfect birthday present for me! :-D

Bullshido2689d ago

Fanboy Punisher, i didn't find it Mag'ized so far :(

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The story is too old to be commented.