FortressCraft Now 2nd Highest Seller On Xbox Live

Dealspwn writes: "Gamers are already flocking to the “Minecraft On Consoles” experience in droves. It’s now skyrocketed up the best-selling lists to take second place… overall. That’s right, folks: it’s not just the best selling Indie Game, but the 2nd biggest seller on the whole of Xbox Live! It’s outselling every XBLA title, game on demand and piece of DLC except FIFA 11."

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CommonSense2808d ago

that is pretty insane. how long has it been out? 3 days?

Blues Cowboy2808d ago

Yeah, something like that. Ratings can be manipulated (thanks, Lacrosse fans), but Best Seller lists are a different thing entirely.

HolyOrangeCows2808d ago

I hope the creators of Minecraft make every last penny of it when they sue them. This is one of the most blatant ripoffs I have EVER seen. This makes Simpsons Road Rage look completely original.

"Let us know when you do something that's worth buying"
I'll also never criticize the firemen for trying to put a raging fire out with their urine, you know, since I'm not a fireman. Or the cops for waving at the criminals as they escape prison. Or a brain surgeon for stabbing someone's brain with a pencil mid-operation.

hay2808d ago

Exaclty, Fortresscraft is basically stolen money.

Blues Cowboy2808d ago

Did Infiniminer sue? Or Dwarf Fortress? Notch understands that homage and imitation is a key part of the games industry - and that FortressCraft is no threat to Minecraft. If anything, it's basically an advert and proof that Minecraft will work on consoles if Mojang decided to go in that direction.

theonlylolking2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

The thing is Minecraft is not as good.

Also minecraft copied infiniminer

radphil2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

"The thing is Minecraft is not as good.

Also minecraft copied infiniminer"

One, I love how you say Minecraft isn't as good, when this is just a console version of Minecraft Classic.

Look up the difference between Infiniminer and Minecraft.

Then look at the difference between Minecraft and Fortresscraft.

MC actually took the idea and IMPROVED UPON IT. This right now is honestly a flat out port with avatar support added in, and it's just minecraft classic that you're paying for.

Thing is imitation is a form of flattery, but at least IMPROVE on the said situation.

HK62808d ago

radphil is obviously not aware that this is Chapter 1 with 3 more planned for sure.

radphil2807d ago

HK I'm aware about the "chapters" thing.

My question is that logically how the hell does someone say the game that it follows behind isn't as good, yet it has at least 20x features?

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RGB2808d ago

A Minecraft clone... sorry a Minecraft Classic clone with graphics that make it less interesting!

Good Job! /s

Active Reload2808d ago

Let us know when you do something that's worth buying, lol.

ZeroX98762808d ago

@ RGB completely agree with you. A dev just saw the opportunity to copy minecraft, make it more "HD" for the xbox audience and released this game to make money.

Lamarthedancer2808d ago


People want Minecraft on consoles, a rip off, well a complete clone of it comes out for the Xbox...People are obviously going to buy it

You can get games which are based on things like how Minecraft was based on Infiminer but then you get a clone, and I think thats when you got step back and think wtf.

Capdastaro2808d ago

Stop your incessant crying about this game you degenerate cry baby

Lamarthedancer2808d ago

Oh look at that I pressed the bubble down for personal attack button

I wonder what for.....stupid troll

SuperSaiyan42808d ago

I saw images of this game and it looks like complete trash why are people soo excited about this yet another rubbish Indy game??

Blues Cowboy2808d ago

It's certainly not rubbish. FortressCraft is superior to the majority of XBLIG titles in terms of graphics, gameplay and precedent, though you're right to be surprised! I think the massive cynical controversy surrounding it is causing as many (if not more) impulse sales as its quality.

ZeroX98762808d ago

if the REAL minecraft was to go out on XBL, fortresscraft wouldn't even have one more sale, since minecraft would be 100% time better. xbox owners are only buying this because there's no other alternative than this game.

wwm0nkey2808d ago

Its not even a good clone.

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