ExerBeat Release Dates Revealed

Namco Bandai Partners have today announced that ExerBeat for Nintendo Wii is available to pre-order via Amazon and Play ahead of its general release on May 17th 2011. ExerBeat offers an interactive fitness experience where the whole family can work out to the beat by utilizing the Wii Remote™ to perform more than 150 simple yet challenging exercises. With a wealth of activities, in-game personal trainers, customizable programs and data for calories burned, ExerBeat offers a robust virtual workout studio for the home where everyone can get involved.

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Titanz2808d ago

NB:"Let's flood the best selling console for this generation(7th) with shovelware, and support the last place console with our best software, even though it'll cost us more!".

It's ridiculous, and you know it(Well, at least the "true" gamers do).