Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - More Than 30 Screenshots Released

Capcom released more than 30 screenshots of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Check them out!

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dragunrising2687d ago

The screen shots don't look all that great. Is this a game for PS3/360 or 3DS? I kid...however, the game doesn't look any better than the last RE game.

Ninver2687d ago

My thoughts exactly. So far the game looks very rushed.

StanSmith2687d ago

Keep in mind that screenshots are touched up to look better which means this will still look even more crappy than it already does. Slant six strikes again! This looks like an early PS2 game. I hope to god those rumours aren't true that they are working on Star Wars Battlefront! Slant Six = Shit Games!

yume-k2687d ago

They are probably using UE3 for this game...disappointing

tigertron2687d ago

I know its an early build, but the visuals look pretty underwhelming.

barrelboyHD2687d ago

those aren't "touched up" screen shots; most are merely low-res, zoomed-in screen caps from the low-res trailer released earlier.

hardly indicative of the final product so reserve judgement.

fossilfern2687d ago

I thought they were using the MT engine ? LP2 didnt look half bad if you ask me and RE5 looked good too, but thats all you can say about that game, why do capcom insist on killing this great franchise ? :(

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