GT.TV Extended Cuts - Ken Levine BioShock Infinite Interview

The Creative Director behind BioShock talks all-new details about the series' vastly expanded sequel set in a brand new world of Columbia!

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Kingdom Come2806d ago

E3 Demo Confirmed showcasing the Dynamic Teamwork with Elizabeth and heavily focused on the dynamics of the players relationship with her. This is fantastic news considering one of my wants for the game was that the combinations aren't only scripted.

With Ken suggesting that relationships in games need to give a sense of connection, with him mentioning the word "Sacrifice" for them a few times, I'm predicting that you'll do just that at the end of the game. It would make for a better ending than that of the original masterpiece Bioshock (Of which Ken Levine worked on) and we know that Ken Levine doesn't like sequels in regards to the Bioshock franchise's worlds (He had no involvment in Bioshock 2 but decided to do Infinate in a new world) so there'll be no carrying on of the characters...