PlayStation Move Heroes a Greatest Hit Already?

Dualshock Nexus: "Everyone should already know all about PlayStation's Greatest Hits Collection. Sony usually decides a game will earn the greatest hits title when it sells over 500,000 copies worldwide and has been on the market for about a year. PlayStation Move Heroes released less than a month ago and it looks like it is already getting the greatest hits treatment."

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Quagmire2781d ago

The only thing it HIT was when i threw it at the wall.

Its terrible. Saving my monkey for Sorcery instead

RedPawn2781d ago

I figured. I at least want to play it though.

TheLastGuardian2781d ago

Same here. I knew it was going to be a bad game once I found out it was a mini game collection. I still want to play it just because it's got some of my favorite characters and I like using the Move and to get some easy trophies. No way I'm going to buy any game in those ugly red cases though.

RedPawn2781d ago

Yeah it looks kinda of bland, but at least I'm excited to see Ratchet All 4 One looking very adventurous and intertaining.

Army_of_Darkness2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I'm a little confused by your statement?!??!

you said the game is terrible and threw it at your wall, but your saving your monkey(I assume you meant money) for sorcery instead?!?! how do you throw something that you didnt buy?!?! (@[email protected])

Knushwood Butt2781d ago

This game doesn't suffer from 'too much variety', so deserves better review scores.

Seriously though, it's far from terrible.

tinezedw2781d ago

Don't think the game sold that amount already,quess it ain't doing so good so they had to lower the price.

NJShadow2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

That's wrong. I work in gaming retail and can already tell you that that's a sticker put on by the Sony sales rep. They do it to our store when a game has hit Greatest Hits status, but the new box art hasn't shipped yet. You can see where the sticker end on each side, it doesn't wrap around the box art, it's external.

Also, the normal box art for Move Heroes says that PS Move is REQUIRED, while this sticker says COMPATIBLE, thus this isn't an "official" Greatest Hits game. Either a desperate move by Sony, or a renegade sales rep jumping the gun.

GoldPS32781d ago

You can buy this game off PSN too so who knows how much sales it really have. Sony shouldn't have made it a move game only. Not everyone likes motion controls.

jneul2781d ago

its not the motion controls that is the problem, as lots of other people said they turned it into a mini-game collection, i persoinally like the game but lots of ppl i know are dissapointed because of the fact i just mentioned

Close_Second2781d ago

I dont understand why Sony does this to some of the beloved franchises. I was so hoping Heros on the Move had a proper campaign and was not just slightly better than average shovelware.

Did Sony learn nothing from their mistakes with the EyeToy?