What are you playing for?

Why do you play a game? For the enjoyment of the game, or to trophy whore, and increase your online ranking? This article basically talks about the shift towards more achievement based gaming when compared to simpler times.

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clarick012745d ago

I'll admit it: I'm a trophy whore.

Quagmire2745d ago

The first step is admitting it.

Me? I play for fun.

badz1492745d ago

but you're not trying to imply that trophy whoring is not "fun", are you?

IRetrouk2745d ago

i play to experiance the games not so i can wave some virtual version of my willy.

the_best_player2745d ago

I don't really care for trophies but I do have a plat for Tekken 6 to show im bad ass and *the_best_player*

Schism202745d ago

I play games for fun, but I love trophies because if the game is single player only it gives you some incentive to want to play the game again. Im no trophy whore but if I really like the game then I will definitely plat it.

dp2774072745d ago

yea I dont try to hard but if its not to crazy to accomplish i'll do it.

Pikajew2745d ago

I play for the fun, I dont give a shit about the trophies.

warrior99882745d ago

agree the way its ment to be

Surfaced2745d ago

A bit of both. I'm very picky about my Trophy collection. If I don't intend to play to 100% completion, I won't even start it.

Helps with weeding out the impulse purchases, though. I haven't regretted buying any game in a couple years now.

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The story is too old to be commented.