The Best Worst Screenshots Ever Part 2

GamesRadar's previous look at some of the dullest screenshots ever to be hoisted upon gamers by publishers attempting - in the most feeble of manners - to show-off their games produced such an underwhelming response of absolute indifference that GamesRadar's inexplicably decided to do a sequel.

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MK_Red3995d ago

I've got to admit, this is GamesRadar's best feature to date and has some pretty funny lines and pics.

RadientFlux3995d ago

That horse pictured reminded me of the movie "Zoo"

MK_Red3995d ago

I thought it was from Postal 2 with Postal Dude urinating on the poor horse.

Marceles3995d ago

haha @ skewered beaver...

Maldread3995d ago

Got to say the Rooney pick and the WWF one were both disturbing, but in a slightly different way (or something that rimes with the last word) ;)

MK_Red3995d ago

I loved the Penus one. The DS game with terrible art is also interesting.

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