Mass Effect 3: New Information Blowout, New Gameplay and Story Details

The latest issue of GameInformer, which should be arriving to subscribers and hitting newsstands shortly, has a massive blowout of new information regarding Mass Effect 3. New storyline and gameplay elements revealed.

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Rage_S902806d ago

this sounds so awesome it just moved up on my list :D

VictoriousB132806d ago

Although I was severely disappointed with Dragon Age 2, I'm confident Bioware won't fuck up Mass Effect 3.

Lirky2806d ago

this will surpass all me games, since content involved i just hope theres a free-roam aspect like once u land on a planet instead of it feeling like linear like go this way sorta feeling again.

Krakn3Dfx2806d ago

I hope they don't 'Dragon Age 2' it by pushing it out in 18 months so that we only get 10-12 new areas re-textured to make them seem new.

Ever since Bioware got bought by EA, every game they release is more disappointing than the last.

zeal0us2806d ago

Or sneak a SecuRom in it without telling us.

Krakn3Dfx2806d ago

Now that EA is handling DRM, I think that's a given.

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The story is too old to be commented.