8 Reasons "Why Portal is perfect"

GamesRadar editor reckons Valve has achieved perfection:

"It has perfect... sound direction
Portal's computer-voiced guide, GLaDOS, has more of a personality than the vast majority of 'real' videogame characters. That's thanks to the compellingly scripted banter she spouts throughout. Sometimes she made me laugh, others she just confused me - once I actually felt truly sorry for her. She even made me sick with guilt about an inanimate object."

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Syko4081d ago

This game is worth purchasing the Orange Box for even if you never play anything else. I NEED more Portal. Most brilliant idea for a game in a long, long time. Such a mind bender at first and then all of a sudden you understand it and you are flying through 6-7 portals in a row and generating huge speed and doing something that looks impossible.

Plus it is F'ing crazy looking through a Portal that is in front of you and the other is on the roof and it feels like you are going to fall through the portal even though you are looking directly in front of you.

The advanced maps are sick hard too and add a twist on the gameplay.

MK_Red4081d ago

Well, all those reasons are great but I have a reason against them. Portal SHOULD BE LONGER.
Seriously, even 10 hours is short for this awesome gem. Even 20 sweet hours is not enough, More... Portal...

WafflesID4081d ago

yeah, but seriously, can you imagine how long it would take to design some of the last few levels? Beta testing with the portal guns MUST have been a HUGE headache :) Think of all the things you have to account for that the player could try.

AND you can play them again with the different challenges to further increase play time. :)

Hopefully DLC will add more levels.

Honestly, before the orange box came out, portal was the lowest on my list of things I was excited for. But, my god, what a gem they included in this package. It's BRILLIANT.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Because it sucks ass. It's not even worthy of a stand alone game. How can it be perfect?

Can some game be perfect and still suck ass?

It's like a Jedi with far more potential than another Jedi. Like Luke Skywalker takes longer to train than another Jedi. But when he's done he's a total badass. Another Jedi maybe is done with his training and all it means is that's he's reached his full potential. But he still sucks ass. But he's perfect. He's reached his full potential.

It's like a PSN game Echochome getting a 10/10 because it's perfect. But it's still not a system seller. It sucks ass, even if it's perfect. You get it?

Rooted_Dust4081d ago

So I gather from your incoherent(probably drug induced) ramblings is that you don't like Portal. In the future if your going to say something "Sucks Ass" and offer nothing to justify that statement, please keep it to yourself.

WafflesID4081d ago

Such an incredibly thoughtful post. Just filled with such insightful gems like "it sucks ass" and "he sucks ass" and "still suck ass."

Here I thought I enjoyed the hell out of it, but I now see the errors of my ways because of your obviously superior intellect and mastery of words.

I guess it MUST suck ass.

socomnick4080d ago

lightning they arent that hard pop a Ritalin andyou should be able to beat it.

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borgome4081d ago

I'm always impressed when new games come out that are so different from everything else out there. With the gaming industry being so diverse, its hard to come up with new and innovative ideas.

murderofone4081d ago

I think so anyway has anyone heard if there will be DLC

Rooted_Dust4081d ago

That's questionable because Portal does follow a story line.

WafflesID4081d ago

Not going to spoil it, but I love how they actually pulled off the storyline. that in itself took some serious thought.

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