Dynasty Warriors 7 Review - WGTC

The mighty Lu Bu returns to wreck havoc upon your plans for legendary status in the Three Kingdoms! Koei has returned with Dynasty Warriors 7 and has brought back a formula that long time fans of the Dynasty Warriors series will rejoice over. To top things off, they’ve gone yet another step further to achieve something the few other DW games have achieved… they actually tell a story.

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Chazboski2803d ago

Always have a blast with this games without needing them to reinvent the wheel. May have to pick this up

RaymondM2803d ago

eh, I thought the first two were amazing, but they got kind of tired after a while. too much of a good thing maybe.

Bunneh30002802d ago

Yeah, DW7 will definitely keep you busy if you're into building stats, finding weapons, and such. I've always loved the historical tie in so finally getting into the story of what happened is a nice change.

Ryan_at_WGTC2802d ago

Dynasty Warriors was a great game but seemed to be getting a little stale. With DW7, it seems that a fresh breathe has uplifted the game into that "sweet spot" again. I cant wait to get my hands on it.