Heavenly Sword 2: Sony Grabs A New Dev For The Project, Trilogy Intact

1. Kratos Maybe A Permenant Character For The MK Franchise
2. Apple To Deliver A Gaming Controller For Ipad ( This Is Sick )
3. Need For Speed: Shift 2 - 9/10
4. HipHopGamer On Ms Xbox World
5. Future NBA Star Tyler, 15 Years Old Wins The M.V.P. Trophy

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badboy8082780d ago

Too much good information does that to a person.

Nitrowolf22780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

God i hope this is true, i don't even care who wrote/did this article i just want another Heavenly sword. This is one of the best PS3 game to come out around launch. Such a great title that def. deserves a sequel or even a prequel (could be about the war before 1 took place).

LOGICWINS2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Honestly, I didn't like the show this week. He said said Sony was going to announce 4 new exclusives at E3..well, duh. Thats not very shocking considering the multitude of exclusives they have coming out this year. In fact, I expect them to announce at least 10 exclusive games across the PS3, Move, and the NGP at E3.

And the Heavenly Sword 2 thing isn't really anything that I wouldn't have expected either.

Also Hiphop, the majority of people who watch ur videos and know who u are are hardcore gamers who go on the Internet to inform themselves about the hobby that they love. My question to you is:

Do you think these SAME people give a rats ass about Ipad gaming and/or any accessories related to it?

Btw, I DID like your review of Shift 2. Very honest and non-biased.

Reibooi2780d ago

Hate this crap. I see the Heavenly Sword mention in the title and then go AWESOME click the thing and see oh..... it's hiphopgamer.... Thanks for destroying my hopes for a 2nd Heavenly Sword.

crck2780d ago

I suggest everyone that is sick of essentially being "rick rolled" by this clown to start using the report button for his submissions.

huzzaahh2780d ago

As much as I dislike Hiphopgamer, he gets a lot of his guesses right. One might even say that they're "educated" guesses.

2780d ago
Theonetheonly2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

dude how did this get approved if i add one tag that is very close to the target for example i was the first one to post the demo for crysis 2 was live on psn. i got dissaproved by some shmucks that said that it had nothing to do with sony. then the same douchbag copied my article changed a few words and got his article approved.

hiphop gamer can put all the tags he wants and gets approved like its nothing, just irritating.

HolyOrangeCows2780d ago

"Too much bulls*** does that to a person"


jeseth2780d ago

As annoyning as HHG is to me now, Heavenly Sword 2 would be amazing. I loved Heavenly Sword and it is still one of my favs this gen.

Let Santa Monica make it!

Dee_912780d ago

Lol @ all this pointless hate on HHG

they hated him when he called kratos being on mortal combat they are doing the same now
if you dont like him dont comment on shit

ignorant people dont know how to react to someone that acts different then they do

all this should be marked as offtopic and trolling

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Dragun6192780d ago

Taking it as a grain of salt. But it would be great for those HS fans, If Sony does announces Heavenly Sword 2. It would be funny though if Heavenly Sword 2 turns out to be better than all of Ninja Theory's games including DmC.

Rynx2780d ago

I wouldn't doubt it.

What if this is the game Santa Monica is working on.... hmmmm....

xtremeimport2780d ago

that'd be pimp. I loved this game, really hope something comes from all of this.

btw,he does know the W is silent in sword right?

FF7numbaone2780d ago

you fools still in here compaining. Wouldn't be more effective to not troll?

Ares842780d ago

HipHopGaymer does it again. Let alone that he talks a bunch of bullshit about video games and posts rumors as news and makes up stuff, but now he has to talk about sports????? WTF has sports have to do anything with video games?? WTF has a 15 year old boy winning a trophy at a sporting event has to do with video games???

This HHG is the worst of the worst. Should not be allowed to post anything.

Dee_912779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Hmmm I didnt read the rule on HIS site were HE ONLY allowed to talk about games.

Im bookmarking this so that when Sony announce HS2 at E3 I will bring it back up to show you how ignorant you look.
If you dont believe what he say then dont
but your sounding like a dumb ass calling him the worst of the worst because he is far from the worst especially when any nobody can make an article and call them self a game journalist

xAlmostPro2779d ago

Would be awesome if Santa Monica made it xD

AaronSponk2779d ago

The first one had great graphics (some of the best true HDR lighting and animation ever seen on a console) but, honestly, I felt the gameplay didn't quite come together.

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Hitman07692780d ago

This has a huge demand right now from a lot of gamers! Great show as always.

Nicaragua2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

slurp slurp - another great generic bumlicking comment from Hitman0769

Caleb_1412780d ago

I have nothing against Hitman0769... but that comment made me lol hard XD +bubbles

Forbidden_Darkness2780d ago

I would place my bets on Santa Monica (makers of God of War), to continue the Heavenly Sword franchise.

gypsygib2780d ago

That would be excellent.

clank5432780d ago

Maybe they could put a jump button in for the sequel

morganfell2780d ago

Why is jumping needed, so Nariko (if she returns) or Kai, or the successor could bounce around like some imp?

That was one of the things which always perturbed me concerning God of War. Here we have a being so powerful he can dethrone the gods of Olympus yet he bounces around like a rubber ball.

The combat in Heavenly Sword was different and much of this was due (and welcome) to the lack of constant bounding. And bounding/jumping wasn't a "don't so it if you do not like it" in God of War. It was a necessity. It was ingrained in the mechanics and attack upgrades were full of jumping.

Where Kratos is bouncing around, Nariko is a whirling dervish of earthbound death. Her vaults were part of the natural flow of the attack mechanics rather than an on demand springboard feature.

No, I'll disagree respectfully and hope they leave the unique combat intact rather than becoming a copycat of GoW.

dc12780d ago

Here's a plus bulb to you!
(I accidentally gave you a disagree)

Thanks again for articulating my position on this perfectly.

DragonKnight2780d ago

@Morganfell: Using your analogy, don't you think it would be odd that someone who can kill hordes of enemies somehow lacks the skills to jump? Do you understand that jumping is a basic gaming mechanic used for various reasons?

Fact is, Ninja Theory suck at gaming mechanics and probably didn't know how to implement jumping. Has nothing to do with anything other than that. Just look at Enslaved for example. Auto-platforming for the loss.

MeanOldman2780d ago

well dragon you soun like somebody that never played heavenly sword. she jumped when she was supposed to. i think you gonna see you is in the minority when it comes to hs. the fight style an abilities is great. like i said i dont think you ever played the game in the first place cause if you did then you know that she could jump as part o her fightin style jus not all over the damn place like a rabbit. you comments for the loss.

DragonKnight2780d ago

MeanOldman: Oh yeah? Would you like to see my copy of HS then to shut you up? I've beaten the game, and there is no need for her to be so damn grounded. Jumping for her fighting style, the odd time that she did, is not the same as jumping to avoid a hit, or jumping over an obstacle, or any of the other reasons there could be to include jumping. For goodness sake, is she only able to jump when she's swinging her sword? Does she have some kind of disability no one's ever heard of?

I don't care if I'm in the minority, jumping is a BASIC game mechanic. Hell, even Link was able to Jump in LoZ 2, what's Nariko's excuse?

And you want to talk about her fighting style, how about auto block when you're not moving? When the hell are you NOT moving in an action game?

MeanOldman2780d ago

havin your friends copy dont man you played or even beat it. your argument dont hold water at all. is a unique style but you jus want to tear it down or turn it into a clone o ever other game out there.

DragonKnight2780d ago

MeanOldman: Nah man, I'm not like you. I buy my games with my own money and have had HS since launch. It's unique alright, uniquely flawed. There is no excuse for no jump ability in an action game. It's like not having a block ability... oh wait.

If you're content with Ninja Theory's failures to the point you want another dev to continue on with their flawed game mechanics, then I would feel sorry for HS2 being less than half a game. HS1 is by no means a bad game, it's fantastic. But to say it doesn't require jumping is to say it doesn't require the basics.

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TheDivine2780d ago

I hope not because it would be copy n paste gow /heavenly sword. I know theyre really similar but it needs the original dev or somebody fresh who focuses on storylines imho. I would love a controller for the ipad. Ipad has games that are on par with ngp/3ds whether haters will admit it and with hdmi out it would be a great portable console/media hub. Yes ipad/iphones have REAL games. Hav yall played the ds ff3,gamelofts games, dungean hunter 2, modern combat 2, nova 2, their uncharted rippoff acually looks great but nobody here respects apple games until they hit psn and become the top selling games on psp and ps3 lol.

DarthBigE2780d ago

thats what i was thinking...i will jizz my pants if it happens

Kain812780d ago

i would say Ready at dawn studios are working on Heavenly Sword 2

jellybalboa2780d ago

if that is true then let me prematurely ejaculate.

RedPawn2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Heavenly Sword was the 2nd doming of Mark of Kri, and if made keep the characters feeling like it was the Chinese version of Red Sonja.

I would love for them to a delve deeper into lure of the franchise with nature tasked elements, & scenarios that unfold after major events like MGS Peace Walker Scenes.

It would be amazing to get villages, and map style narration like the old Golden axes, w/voice.

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Tripl3seis2780d ago

4 new exclusive at E3 thats awesome i hope it happens.

WetN00dle692780d ago

If its true, i say its about time!
Heavenly Sword is an amazing title! And it deserves a sequel.

FFXI1012780d ago

I agree, I'd love to see Heavenly Sword 2.