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FortressCraft Sells 30K Copies

The recently released XBLIG FortressCraft has received high sales on the very first day: approximately thirty thousand people purchased the Xbox Indie at three dollars a sale.

This rate of sales during the first day of release is unprecendented and has broken sales records. Also FortressCraft remains at #1 out of 50 on the Top Downloaded list on the XBLIG Marketplace.

Catering to a massive audience, FortressCraft has met their demand for the release and promises new updates in the future with more features and bug fixes. (Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

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Jio  +   1357d ago
Every single one of which it didn't deserve.
SlipperyMooseCakes  +   1357d ago
Why not. Someone saw a genius opportunity and went for it. Perhaps it's not the most original game but the game is pretty good and it is a massive hit. I'd say job well done. This will only lead to more competition and improvements amongst these games.
Wenis  +   1357d ago
I love minecraft but its Mojang's fault for not bringing it to consoles, and now someone beat them to it.
MAJ0R  +   1357d ago
lol no one beat them to it, it's a rip-off riding off of minecraft's success

but the game sucks so much that Notch wouldn't even bother to ask for a portion of the money made from it
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HSx9  +   1357d ago
Exactly, buy this game, and you give money to this douchebag:
That's the PR of FortressCraft, very immature guy.
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HK6  +   1357d ago
Actually you would be giving money to DjArcas who is a very nice British man. Keemstar is just an idiot who doesn't know what he is talking about.
HSx9  +   1357d ago
He's the PR for the game... He gets paid by Arcas to be a PR, therefore you are giving your money to him as well.
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BeastlyRig   1357d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
TheLastGuardian2010  +   1357d ago
More reason why MineCraft should be ported to consoles.
LunaticBrandon  +   1357d ago
I doubt it ever will. The release date for the game will be 11/11/11 but they'll keep updating it. The game will never actually be finished.
shinobi602  +   1357d ago
Looks great. I'll probably get it tomorrow.
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MRHARDON  +   1357d ago
All FPS are rip offs
All RPGS are rip offs
All racing games are rip offs

While it might strongly look like another game, the guy still had to code the game and everything.

This deserves all sales it recieves.
egidem  +   1357d ago
I was about to buy Minecraft until I saw this. This is clearly an inspired ripoff of the original game. I wanted to ask you guys, which version should I get? I have ideas bubbling in my head as to what to build in Minecraft...one of them involves a REALLLLY HUGE ginormous PS3
huzzaahh  +   1357d ago
Well, in that case, get the 360 game. It'll be so much more satisfying to make a PS3 in that one.
Convas  +   1357d ago
Go with Minecraft dude. It's worth (And will be worth) the investment.
Jio  +   1357d ago
Get minecraft. more options and 1000x's better. People build amazing things on that all the time, a guy built a fully functional 6bit computer on it. Minecraft>Fortresscraft There's a reason it's sold millions :)
egidem  +   1357d ago
I just saw the 6 bit processor built out of Minecraft. That was ridiculously impressive! My instincts had told me to go with the original aka Minecraft. I just wanted to see what this FortressCraft was all about (I thought it was some mod for the Xbox). Thanks for the advice people; Minecraft it is then!
cody81293  +   1356d ago
First b***h it has sold over a million copies because it has been out a lot longer.Second, the game just came out and it has sold over 30k copies on the first day of release. Third, is that people think the game isnt the greatest atm but it just came out so there will be many updates comming soon and it is only chapter 1 of 7 out.
kingjoker34  +   1357d ago
buying fortress craft is like paying for minecraft classic.
radphil  +   1357d ago
"I was about to buy Minecraft until I saw this."

.....why? You should just go with the original and not a knockoff.
SixZeroFour  +   1357d ago
depends on what you really want to do...if all you want to do is make stuff and show it off in a video, then fortresscraft would prolly be your best bet, but if you actually want to do more than just create something, minecraft is for you

the only problem with minecraft is if all you want to do is make something to display, it takes a lot of time and effort to mine materials to actually make something and it also takes even more time to gather materials to get other items for you to mine for other better material to build with...its pretty expansive with what you can do and what you need to do, and on the other hand, fortresscraft chapter one creations you have the materials ready for you, so all you have to do is choose, point and click to start making objects
QuakeStyle  +   1357d ago
ya ya yayayayay steal the idea, and than say that its nothing like the original and better than the original
_LarZen_  +   1357d ago
Just have to laugh at the fanboys crying rip off! As a gamer I like to have options...I play Minecraft and I wil also play FortressCraft.
radphil  +   1357d ago
"Just have to laugh at the fanboys crying rip off! "

Go to the main minecraft forums. They'll explain to you the huge number of issues with the game.
StitchJones  +   1357d ago
Sucky console knock off. So not worth the 240pts.
DigitalXMedia  +   1357d ago
Copy's my post and gets more views? Really? http://n4g.com/news/740378/...
RockmanII7  +   1357d ago
Moral of the Story - Taking a good idea and running with it is more likely to be profitable than being innovative.
PENGUINKK  +   1357d ago
Minecraft...without a mouse? BLEH.
DigitalAnalog  +   1357d ago
So what if it's a rip-off.
I think you guys tend to forget that this is a shooter dominated industry. A lot of games tend to simulate features based on that formula in order to buy off sales (Killzone 3 was the latest victim for this).

Things like this make me extremely hopeful for the gaming industry knowing that niche titles can have the possibility of being the "next big thing".

Core gamers - 1 point, Casual - 0

-End statement
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PENGUINKK  +   1357d ago
Minecraft is already a pretty big thing, at least for PC gaming. I think a lot people are upset to see a rising indie developer get this treatment so early on. Sure, Mojang made millions off of their game, but they're still just a few guys in a small office.
Merivigian  +   1357d ago
true but I do like the fact that it looks way better than minecraft.. I might buy fortress craft, been wanting to buy minecraft anyway, so why not?..
radphil  +   1357d ago
"Things like this make me extremely hopeful for the gaming industry knowing that niche titles can have the possibility of being the "next big thing"."

And FPSs are a dime in a hundred now....
BeastlyRig  +   1357d ago
A lack of innovation should NEVER BE supported!
DigitalAnalog  +   1357d ago
The amount of innovations are almost nil in this gaming generation. And if they are, they're certainly not being supported.

-End statement
BabyTownFrolics  +   1357d ago
its a good game, glad its selling

"One such suggestion was nightvision “it seemed so obvious it would be dumb not to put it in”. Other ideas that the ProjectorGames team are excited about would be the inclusion of monster trucks, laser guns, video surveillance blocks, (one block a camera, the other a TV) and of course the user created block contest winner, the trampoline block. Custom blocks of this nature will certainly pave the way for more cinematic machinima creations and allow for broader storytelling."

Pandamobile  +   1357d ago
Minecraft Classic + some terrible HD texture pack

I'll stick to real Minecraft, thanks.
yourdaddy321  +   1355d ago
okay so to all the people who are bashing on FC because its not as good as MC need to go somewhere else cause guess what.. ITS NOT MINECRAFT!!! it was never meant to be minecraft and i do believe minecraft wasnt as good as it is now when it was only a week old so you cant compare it to an already developed game. and if i do recall minecraft alpha gave you the resources to use as well so this game is in its 'alpha' phase as well. so so what if they give you the resources to use it doesnt make it any worse of a game for doing so so GTFO!

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