Frank West returns in a new Dead Rising Game?

An italian Website have posted some pixelate image for promotional posters of Captivate 11. One of this seems to be a new Dead Rising game with Frank West.

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wwm0nkey2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Better image, you can clearly see the Dead Rising logo and what appears to be 3D next to it.

Kingdom Come2780d ago

It looks as though we may just get an announcement of the third installment of the Dead Rising Franchise. I sure as hell hope we'll be seeing Frank and isabella making a return and I can't see anyother possibility considering the ending of Case West. Frank is one of the best characters in the catalogue of Capcom characters and I desperately hope the third game is as good as the original. The second was still great, but the original had the upperhand. It's probably the setting, or that you genuinly felt that whilst you were in one area, there were people in other areas doing what they have to do to survive...

Lamarthedancer2780d ago

Maybe this time they can add a no time mode. Nothing worse when you want to mess around , do a main mission but then find you've missed your chance because you've messed around too much and you have to start again. :/

Kingdom Come2780d ago

It plays into the games story though. In the original Dead Rising you were expecting rescue in 3 Days, and the game's story progressed throughout the time of day. I can understand where you're coming from but you get a sense of realism when you're in a battle with both Zombies and time.

Lamarthedancer2780d ago

and...they can't have a mode for the people who don't like being rushed.

I don't want to keep starting again because I want to do different missions or mess around. I want to have a choice and mix it up abit.

It's a only a mode they need to add, it's not going to ruin the game for anyone else

kramun2780d ago

I went through the game first time just doing a few side missions and keeping the daughter alive, second time I went through and did all the missions with the exception 2 of the psychos (The cook and the wedding one, they are a pain the ass).

The time limit on the second game is a lot better than the first one, it's still quite tight but it is very achievable.

The first one was tough as nails, although that was mostly down to only having a single save slot. If they can keep the time limits for missions on the third game at the same level as the second game I'll be happy.

Blad3star2780d ago

TK and Sullivan were hell of a hard to beat but enjoyed fighting them.

Kingdom Come2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

The improvements I want to see incorperated into Dead Rising 3 are:
- Improved animations
- Variety in Zombies (Perhaps fatter zombies take more hits)
- Dismemberment (In the style of Dead Space in that you can take off their head and they'll keep fighting, just blindly)
- Some less over the top weapon combinations (For example if you have a wooden cricket bat and there is a fire you could swipe it over the fire to get a flaming bat)
- More safezones to take survivors to (Perhaps create your own by killing all zombies in a cafe then boarding it up) Also I'd like it see survivors played a bigger role in adding to the realism by sending groups of two out to look for food.
- Setting similar to one (I loved willamete mall)
- Psycho's as creepy as them in Dead Rising 1 (Clown and Cop come to mind)
- Give secondary use to some items (Don't just use a TV to hit zombies with, find a plug and be able to watch the news and see the state of other areas in the world)
- Human enemies like those in one (The swat members induced more fear due to difficulty)
- In game dialogue (When talking to a survivor I don't want to have to stand there whilst zombies are approaching, reading dialogue)

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