New character stills revealed for Dead or Alive Dimensions

Some new character silhouettes are shown for the wide cast of Dead or Alive Dimensions

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MagicGamer2778d ago

favorite is leon for sure.

M4I0N32778d ago

for me, its got to be jan lee, zack and hayate.

Vegivo2778d ago

Zack looks funny in that costume XD

GamersXTREME2778d ago

Cool stills! Can't wait for this game to come out!

kesvalk2778d ago

it's pity samus will not be a playable char on this one, she even have the stage and all...

Vegivo2778d ago

I know ;( it would have been awesome!

TheCagyDies2778d ago

Come out so I can buy you and play you.

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