Gears 3 Beta In Depth Details On TheHotSpot Ep. 3

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen for another episode of TheHotSpot Podcast. In this episode we discussed the following topics:

-Captivate 2011

-Street Fighter Arcade Edition for consoles

-Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

-Gears of War 3 Beta

and much more.

So just sit back and relax and most importantly, enjoy the show.

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Hitman07692781d ago

This should be a good beta for everybody. I have a feeling there will be a ton of betas this year!

fromasterjay2781d ago

I might be getting in this beta as well...looks good

SpaceSquirrel2781d ago

Can't wait to try out the multiplayer

multipayer2781d ago

Actually getting into a match and then playing seamlessly will blow my mind. Havn't been able to do that since part 1 and I've just continued to play that over the years... It doesn't even have to be incredibly different, because I wouldn't really know...</bitterness>

ME19892781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Sounds like you haven't played Gears 2 in over a year, they fixed all the problems with it a long time ago, and it's smooth as butter now.

multipayer2781d ago

Maybe they cut it down to 10 minutes tops since release, but even 3 minutes is too frigan long a wait. If we're playing classics like execution, the game isn't going to last much longer than that. I'm not going to spend the equivalent to my playing time just waiting for a match...

Server Browser > Matchmaking

LightSamus2781d ago

*post image of suggestive woman*
*get extra hits*
*rinse and repeat*

I hate that tactic.

Quagmire2780d ago

You gotta admit, it works.

Dont hate the player, hate the game.

therapist2781d ago

gross ass 80's ho smells like aquanet and cocaine residue

Bloodyghost2781d ago

I am squealing like a girl for this beta!

I actually went out and bought Turtle Beach X11's and the new Razer Onza for the beta.

Also I love the betas release which runs into Brinks release!

Let the games begin.

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