Battlefield 3 may not live up to the hype

There is a definite sense of resentment that comes across in interviews with Patrick Bach, the Executive Producer of EA/Dice. Resentment that seems to come from the success the Call of Duty series has had over the Battlefield series. We have patiently watched and listened to the Rhetoric being publicized about the upcoming Battlefield 3 and we are starting to notice some change in the information being delivered as showtime gets closer.

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plb2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I hope it does but I will reserve judgment. I enjoyed BC2 but I'm still bitter over MoH. All the talk about winning and beating COD somewhat scares me. They are different games that appeal to a different audience. Leave BF as is. No need to make it COD.

MagicGamer2780d ago

Actually I am rooting for it as well

inveni02779d ago

I don't care if anything "kills" Call of Duty, but I do think that they need some decent competition. The CoD franchise has gotten a little stale since CoD4, and a little competition might urge them to step it up a notch.

JBaby3432779d ago

I don't want anything to "kill" COD. I love that Battlefield, KZ, Resistance, etc. are not plagued with the noobs and idiots found in COD games. If something else comes out and draws the COD crowd I will be disappointed because I can honestly do without them.

I'm really looking forward to Battlefield 3 since I have a deep appreciation for the gameplay of Battlefield games.

MikamiFanForLife2778d ago

Same here as the more I spend on quality, the happier I'll be at the end of the year.

the_best_player2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Battlefield 2 was great and is better than COD hands down. I hope Battlefield 3 can top Battlefield 2.

I didn't like Battlefield Bad Company 1 or 2 really. (apart from blowing up walls)

snaz272780d ago

yeah in my opinion the beating cod mentality is totally ridiculous, for one i think cod is just one of those freak things that just happens, everyone is playing it, well most, i don't lol, and it just snowballs... I honestly think they could make a cod with ps1 quality and it would still sell a boatload... Now when devs talk about beating cod, what do they actually mean? Well to me it's quite clear what they want, and that is cod sales! This means very little to us! We just want shit hot, fun games surely? I couldn't care less how much it sells to be honest... In my opinion cod games are some of the worst this gen! So from my standpoint as a gamer, shooting for cod is setting your sights far far too low!

DanSolo2780d ago

Yeah, COD is not the top dog FPS because it is the best.... it is just the top one because it's "The One Everybody Plays!"

lol that is just the way it is.

And I agree the trying to beat COD mentality is not a good one as it could lead to attempts to COD-ER-CISING of the game in order to do that.

But I do think that if they just focus on making it the best FPS that they possibly can, without attempting to take COD's crown.... it could actually have alot more chance of actually taking it that way round..... if you get what I mean!

I disagree though on your comment about COD games being some of the worst this gen.... come on mate there are alot worse games out there.... and COD4 was a quality shooter! It has just been since then a rapid decline!

snaz272780d ago

yeah i didn't say it was thee worst but i do believe they are some of the worst, i am probably exaggerating a little bit lol, i played 4 cos a mate lent me it, and it was pretty rife with random disconnects then! And it was still a camp fest, but more over i just didn't see anything spectacular about it, it was ok, but nothing special in my opinion... I wish all companies would just concentrate on making their own games but with money as their main goal it will never happen, quality games like mirrors edge don't get sequels just cos it didn't sell and that to me is a damn shame, oh well it's the system we live in unfortunately.

Thatguy-3102780d ago

When it comes to quality I think it will..But when it comes to dethroning COD like Dice desperately wants, I think it isn't going to achieve that. COD and BF are very different games when. Yea they are FPS but they play very differently from each other

Maddens Raiders2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

as far as console fps' go, it most likely will not look as good as Kizzy2 or Kizzy3 - I could be wrong, but strongly doubt it.

I'm sure it will be a fun, fun experience (and I'll buy the game for the PS3 - I travel way too much for PC gaming) but right now GG is on top in fps visuals (for consoles) and Kizzy2 or 3 could not be done on the 360 (w/o a SIGNIFICANT downgrade) and definitely not on the wii.

Most kidz today have no idea the hype built up for 4 years, from Guerrilla's E305 unveiling and they *delivered. Nothing has seen that much hype since nor delivered in such dramatic fashion. As much as I want something else to come along and do that so I can play it -- I doubt BF3 (for consoles) will.

It seems that only Sony 1st party devs are capable of besting Sony 1st party visuals. I've said this for years and it still reigns true.

HardCover2780d ago

Lol MoH

DICE threw that together in half a year.

BF3 is the sequel to their prize jewel.

Yeah, fair comparison. Lol.

dgonza402780d ago

i thought MOH was still awesome.. at least the story.

zeksta2780d ago

You have to admit though, for a game that was under-made and pretty crappy, the sounds were pretty good, especially the guns, but that's what you'd expect from Dice's sound team! :D

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MagicGamer2780d ago

I hope it does as well. Kinda tired of the COD experience.

ferelinstincts2780d ago

Hmm, this does make me wonder as to whether or not Battlefield 3 will live up to expectations. But with that being said, they are yet to disappoint me. :)

NaiNaiNai2780d ago

I played BF:BC2 last night.

Any improvements on that would make the game way better.
After beating it I couldn't help but wonder how COD even beat that out.

TekoIie2780d ago

People dont give COD the credit it deserves tbh, especially black ops.

It delivered MUCH better than i think anyone expected in the campaign and MP is still very fun so before any of you N4G sheep try to say other wise remember what site your on. Seriously the hate for COD here is just unbelievable, sure MW2 was a dissapointment but then MOH 2010 sucked but no one thinks DICE will F up again do they like they said COD devs will....

NaiNaiNai2780d ago


T_T I only speak badly about games I've played *now*

I have beaten MW1, WAW, MW2, Bop, as well as BF2, BFBC, & BFBC2.

and out of them all, BF has been far better.

So before you try and call anyone a sheep you better have played these games to back up your "black ops isn't all that bad" cause it has a horrible hit detection issues. even after adjusting the codes in the command. same for the servers. why are they only on the east cost. I have to connect to some really crappy player owned servers over here. *talking PC*

Not to mention CoD really hasn't changed since MW hit. just a couple face lifts. Don't get me wrong BOp had a good story, but it had the same multi player but with really crappy spawns, badly balanced weapons, and dreadful layouts.

news4geeks2780d ago

Black ops is by far the worst cod yet, seriously what game are you playing? The multiplayer maps are horrific and the hit detection/lag makes it almost unplayable. The hate is over the top yes, but Black Ops is blatantly sub standard.

dgonza402780d ago

for what it's worth, i think black ops had a lot of content. I was surprised by the top down shooter

bobrea2780d ago

You could say that about any game that is yet to be released...

plb2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

True but it doesn't help that Dice keeps bragging about bf3 everyday and saying how it will overtake cod. Just let the videos speak for themselves.

evrfighter2780d ago

We all know bf3 is going to destroy CoD

but I agree with this. I mean I understand Johnny R feels like he needs to be on the extreme offensive in order to maximize exposure to the cod audience.

But words ESPECIALLY from EA are cheap. As a pc gamer. show these console kids some real multiplayer footage and not these teasers. The buzz will spread on its own.

MagicGamer2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

We could but unfortunately even the CEO of EA said they actually did feel they had the superior game last year as well. Now they are saying it again. I guess anyone can say anything. Let the best selling game win then. Like last year come back and explain what happened. with focusing on the capabilities of the PC more and not trying to Max the console for the best version they can give. It's surely going to be interesting.

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