Dirt 3 'Party Mode' Multiplayer Details

The third game in the incredibly popular Dirt series is just a few weeks away and it sounds like Codemasters has some pretty awesome multiplayer modes planned for their next racer.

The game will come with a Party Mode which will contain three multiplayer events; Invasion, Transporter and Outbreak.

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Bull5hifT2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

The Funnest Car Online Experience was Midnight club 3: and Remix, messing around with friends on there was fun, the drag races, and car hopping, car shows, follow the Leader... No other racing game keeps me interested online, i dont like lobby's something was missing in MNC:los angeles... I want to try Test Drive 2 to see if it has that feeling maybe, i hope you can Just mess around with upto 7 other people in Gym-Kana and post up wicked tricks on youtube