Player Affinity - Deus Ex Human Revolution Preview

Player Affinity writes: "Eidos’ Deus Ex was an amazingly innovative experience, one of the first titles to attempt providing multiple solutions to a given problem. It took this core design feature and applied it to a world-spanning, conspiracy-laden near-future dripping with character and lore. Its sequel, Invisible War, was less than stellar, with a great amount of simplification crippling the complexity of problems and storyline. All was thought lost, until a light appeared upon the dawn in the form of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. A prequel that explores the beginnings of how human augmentation began, HR is gunning for a total quality reboot and a return to its grittier and complex roots."

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starchild2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Deus Ex is simply the best game I have ever played. At the time it came out it was a revelation. And it is one of the few older games that I can go back to and continue to enjoy even today.

I am both nervous and excited for Human Revolution. Nervous, because I am scared it will disappoint. Excited, because I think it might actually succeed.

pr0digyZA2781d ago

I think if you go in not expecting it to give you the same feeling as Deus ex 1 then you should be fine, I hope that it's better than invisible war (which I enjoyed any way) so somewher in between IW an DE1 would be great.