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As you all know, both Infamous 2 and Prototype 2 are well into development. Infamous 2 releases very soon while Prototype 2 is scheduled for a 2012 release. In this debate video, I will be discussing what I am most excited for in both games. As well as gives my opinion as to which game I feel will be superior and why.

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danthegardner2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

So it begins............

Godmars2902807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

inFamous = An open world superhero where you're sort of a superhero with civilians often getting caught in the crossfire. Offers the option to heal people and many main and side missions have you rebuilding the city.


Prototype = An open world "superhero" where you kill everything. Your only real goal is to uncover what made you as patient zero to a mutating plague you fight off para military out to kill the infected.

Never really got why both where considered superhero games.

Any chance of someone explaining to me what makes a Prototype a superhero franchise other than its devs wanting to be thought as such? You are going around killing people while people are being killed and dying around you.

Nitrowolf22807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

idk what makes prototype a super hero game, but if 2 is anything like the first then its a skip for me. It felt way to repetitive. IDK what this game was trying to be for the character. Was he good? Or was he bad? People will say it was up to you, but i never felt like that with prototype.

It's like yeah, your not really a super hero, just some infected guy looking for answers.
Perhaps the better term is Antihero?

Infamous a superhero game? I guess depending on what route you go, which is why i love the karma system so much. Super villian or a super hero, the choice was yours and unlike Prototype you can clearly tell when your doing something bad or good.

I love how the environment is affected by what karma you are to.

Overall i just thought the story, choices, and gameplay were a lot better in Inf.1 then PT1.

Bathyj2807d ago

Its not that hard to figure. Lets not beat around the bush.

Lesser game, living in superior games shadow, wishes to step out of said shadow and be seen along side superior game in the same light.

How many times have we seen it before?

I'm not one to do list, but nearly every PS3 exclusive has its "country cousin".

Anyway, I dont know much about PT2 so I wont knock it, but I'll just say inFamous took the crown last time after all this comparison BS, and this time part 2 is a HUGE leap forward, in graphics and game design. I cant think what PT2 would have to do to compete.

MaxXAttaxX2807d ago

The first Prototype was a bit disappointing. I had a better experience with Infamous.

So I'll go with Infamous 2 for the better rep.

hay2806d ago

Both are different, fun games, what's up with this "my game is better than your game" crap?

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thorstein2807d ago

Obvious flamebait is obvious.

ferelinstincts2807d ago

This video was never made as an excuse for a flame war. This video is nothing more than a general gaming discussion. Not every debate video and/or article is made solely for a flame war so try not to generalise.

Baka-akaB2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

lol but the first games being compared was already flamebait .

They barely shared besides a release period and open world . Given how many diverse open world game there is , why those two ?

Then might as well compare crackdown with either , it would actually make more sense .

It is a debate as silly as comparing mario kart and ridge racer , and you know it .

You guys keep doing it for hits

sikbeta2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Ah... not again... please just stop, I definitely going to buy Infamous 2 but that doesn't mean I can't buy prototype2, even if P2 end up being better than Infamous 2, something I really doubt, I can get both for the PS3 anyways, so there is no reason to compare them...

showtimefolks2807d ago

is in prototype 1 there was more freedom really? as someone who bought both games at launch prototype was a lot of fun in the first few hours than it got really really boring and repetitive

and from the video both games gave you the freedom to do what you want or maybe i am missing the point.

if story telling remains the same in prototype 2 and the graphics look as outdated don't expect it to sell its quite simple we are this deep into the CONSOLE CYCLE PEOPLE EXPECT GREAT THINGS, STANDARDS HAVE BEEN RAISED BY OTHER GAMES SO YOU CAN JUST DO A SEQUEL AND NOT IMPROVE ON A LOT OF THING

and what do i know maybe prototype will improve on a lot of things but for right now infamous 2 looks like what uncharted 1 to uncharted 2 hump was graphics/polish wise

egidem2807d ago

I think inFamous 2 wins here. The ability for users to create their own missions, this game is going to keep people busy for a while!

jwatt2807d ago

It should be Infamous 2 vs Batman!

Quagmire2807d ago

prototype kicks both their assess

KonaBro2806d ago

Even though I disagree with the way you came across to Quagmire, your words ring true. Prototype is going to have to basically be amazing to outdo all the polish and TLC going into Infamous 2. If P2 devolves into the same type of gameplay that plagued it from P1, it's going to lose from the get-go. We'll just have to see when the game has more info about it.

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rabidpancakeburglar2807d ago

I think infamous 2 will definitely win as prototype 2 looks like its just gonna be more of the same from the first. Plus infamous 2 is out this year, the main reason for comparisons first time around was that they were coming out at a similar time

M4I0N32807d ago

dude, its published by activision, remember?

DangerTick2807d ago

I thought the first Infamous was way better than the first Prototype but now that Sucker Punch crapped all over the IP by making the new Cole sound like a pansy and replacing other various sounds, I'm actually more interested in Prototype 2 and I think it will be a better game overall than Infamous 2. If Sucker Punch fucks up Sly 4 like they did with Infamous 2 then I'm done playing their games cause it looks like they're starting to go downhill.

BK-2012807d ago

Grow up Infamous 2 looks awesome. I preferred the original VC but we can't always get what we want.

firelogic2807d ago

Yeah I can see how you could come to that conclusion after comparing the hours of gameplay footage released for prototype 2 vs the footage for infamous 2. Oh wait, no you can't!!

Eyeco2807d ago

so you think Prototype is gonna be a better game because they changed how Cole looks, im all for opinions but seriously how stupid does that sound ?

Shok2807d ago

I'm a Wii fan, and I have to say the Proto 2 doesn't stand a damn chance. Did you see the latest InFamous 2 trailer? It was insane.

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