SystemLink: New I Am Alive in-game screenshots leaked

"SystemLink has come into contact with 7 brand new in-game leaked screenshots of troublesome title I Am Alive, but unfortunately, we don't have any advance on exactly what's happening to the Ubisoft title. The game changed hands from Darkworks to Ubisoft Shanghai, and shortly afterwards the world caught a glimpse of an earthquake-stricken Chicago in the infamous 2009 E3 trailer, but numerous delays and hoaxes has shrouded the survival game in mystery."

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PhilipLarkin1936d ago

Really hope this gets a proper release date soon D=

anthraxCZ1936d ago TrollingShowReplies(5)
kidnplay1936d ago

Some pretty impressive screenshots there. I particularly like the third and fourth ones - there's a real sense of abandonment and destruction in those.

Perhaps there'll be more on this at E3? I hope so.

TimTebo1935d ago

Agree it's like Fallout meets Tomb Raider. In a weird type of way...but you get what I mean.

AlexCage1935d ago

No, no, no. Looks way better than those 2 shitty franchises

phinch1935d ago

minus the unplayable fallout bugs too hopefully

rabidpancakeburglar1936d ago

I was excited for this game when I first saw a trailer for it in 2009 but now I'm not sure I want it

telekineticmantis1936d ago

I rather it be completed by original artist, so we could see his vision in it's completition.

ian721936d ago

Those screen shots look quite good. Need to know if this game is coming or not though.

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The story is too old to be commented.