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SystemLink: New I Am Alive in-game screenshots leaked

"SystemLink has come into contact with 7 brand new in-game leaked screenshots of troublesome title I Am Alive, but unfortunately, we don't have any advance on exactly what's happening to the Ubisoft title. The game changed hands from Darkworks to Ubisoft Shanghai, and shortly afterwards the world caught a glimpse of an earthquake-stricken Chicago in the infamous 2009 E3 trailer, but numerous delays and hoaxes has shrouded the survival game in mystery." (Dev, I Am Alive, Industry, PC, PS3, Ubisoft, Xbox 360)

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PhilipLarkin  +   1507d ago
Really hope this gets a proper release date soon D=
anthraxCZ   1507d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
kidnplay  +   1507d ago
Some pretty impressive screenshots there. I particularly like the third and fourth ones - there's a real sense of abandonment and destruction in those.

Perhaps there'll be more on this at E3? I hope so.
TimTebo  +   1507d ago
Agree it's like Fallout meets Tomb Raider. In a weird type of way...but you get what I mean.
AlexCage  +   1507d ago
No, no, no. Looks way better than those 2 shitty franchises
phinch  +   1507d ago
minus the unplayable fallout bugs too hopefully
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1507d ago
I was excited for this game when I first saw a trailer for it in 2009 but now I'm not sure I want it
telekineticmantis  +   1507d ago
I'm upset that it was taken over by ubisoft
I rather it be completed by original artist, so we could see his vision in it's completition.
ian72  +   1507d ago
Those screen shots look quite good. Need to know if this game is coming or not though.
bozebo  +   1507d ago
so many jaggies, but otherwise really nice visuals
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Kingdom Come  +   1507d ago
Considering its a downloadable title I would agree...
PhilipLarkin  +   1507d ago
That was a hoax, it's not downloadable.
kidnplay  +   1507d ago
Wasn't that just a hoax by Jeuxvideo.com?
TheLastGuardian2010  +   1507d ago
It was a HOAX. The person who posted that info made it up. Jade Raymond herself confirmed it WON'T BE a downloadable title, and is still coming.
HaterRade  +   1507d ago
Kingdom Come this isn't directed towards you, but rather to the idiot is disagreeing about this being a downloadable title.

For anyone who STILL thinks this is a downloadable title, well here's the Link that say's it ISN'T;


Hopefully that'll shutup the person who was disagreeing! :)
bozebo  +   1507d ago
Oh, also. Those screens look like the game isn't currently rendered with any post processing or advanced lighting turned on. It is probably at an alpha stage at the moment. So the jaggies will probably be reduced at a later stage of development.
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Kingdom Come  +   1507d ago
When the game was initially announced a few years ago, it screamed potential. I pictured an Open-World, Third-Person Platformer, where you have to use your iniciative to survive, perhaps a complex dialogue system to negotiate with other civilians in the city. The first let-down of sorts, whilst only minor, was that of the title being First Person, it was barable as it meant the game had the potential to be more emmersive. The second and hardest let-down arrived after the game slipped off the radar with the announcement that the game had been shifted to a downloadable title. After considering the prospect of it being downloadable for a while, I became less frustrated. Now, I just want to see the game running, see if it has ANY resemblance to the game I crafted in my mind regarding this titles potential. There's still hope...
TheLastGuardian2010  +   1507d ago
1) It's not a downloadable title. New was, and never will be.

2) That screaming potential you mentioned is STILL THE CORE part of the game. Nothing's changed, it's hasn't gone through extreme changes :/

3) If you want to see the game running look at the e3 2010 trailer.
Kingdom Come  +   1507d ago
Wow, how the hell did that trailer slip past me?!
And I didn't pay to close attention to news regarding this game so apologies for my lack of knowledge and the update is very much appreciated.
I feel like such a moron...
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jay2  +   1507d ago
Can't wait for I.A.A looking nice.
HaterRade  +   1507d ago
This game look's so incredible!!! The screens look great. The premise, and concept is so original and so fantastic. This is something the video game medium NEEDS. Really, and I mean REALLY hope this title will be shown at e3 this year with a live demo. An hopefully we'll see this hit retail early 2011, or early 2012.

I am Alive has so much potential. In a genere filled with generic fps, a title like this seems so radiant. Can't wait, can't wait!
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TimTebo  +   1507d ago
Hmmm....screens look pretty nice. Totally went under my radar. Not sure though how this will look with this Japan tragedy and all. I'm sure foxnews will have a field day ;)
AlexCage  +   1507d ago
Am I the only one who has yet to hear of this game? Looks pretty awesome, hopefully it's not a downloadable title like some are saying, and is still ALIVE in terms of development. What be a shame to see a project like this canceled.
Yukicore  +   1507d ago
Pretty good, some screens don't look so good, but graphics like these to video game are just typical, well there are worse, but what really matters is gameplay, engine and features of the game. This game may be pretty cool, i like games with destruction, now only what matters about destruction is how cool looking they will execute this.
Huwmor  +   1507d ago
I wonder if this will actually be something unique? I hope so. Unfortunately, nowadays games have a big tendency to talk a big game about how they have new revolutionary features but turn out to be as generic as the next game. I really hope that this game focuses on platforming, puzzle-solving (possibly physics based) and combat that rarely involves guns (due to extreme scarcity of ammunition). All that combined with a meaningful narrative and solid character development could really make this game an instant classic.
With regards to these screens, the aesthetic is fine even if the graphics aren't mind-blowing. Can we please just have some gameplay footage ubisoft?
stuntman_mike  +   1507d ago
i wonder if it will be like S.O.S final escape i love that game.
DanSolo  +   1507d ago
The game sounds interesting and has potential.... I will wait until it is closer to release and some concrete details have been released before I start thinking about how it's gona be though!
KDubyah  +   1507d ago
I used to be so excited about this game, I love games that are .. different.
But, with the lack of, well, everything. I lost anticipation of the title.
So, hopefully, this will get some light at E3 this year, and build up my anticipation.

Oh, and hopefully a release date, soon, if it does show at E3!
ferelinstincts  +   1506d ago
It's been so long since anything has been revealed about this game... I can't even remember what it is about anymore, lol.

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